Eteri Tazaki

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Eteri Tazaki is a level 3 agent in Caldari COSMOS located in Otitoh - Devil's Dig Site.

Foul Play - Organizing The Search (1 of 3)

Mission briefing
So you're the cigar smokin' traveler people have been talkin' about in these parts, eh ―name‖? I've got just the job for you, a lil risk involved but nothin' someone with your abilities can't handle. You see, there was a terrible, terrible crime committed here in Otitoh recently, in the Lai Dai station. A dastardly sexual predator by the name of Ryoke Aura raped a young woman, my wife to be exact, in her quarters while I was away on duty. The no-good sheriff in these parts hasn't been able to track him down yet, and I think he's even given up on the search.

I can't let this pass, my wife deserves better! I want to inform the media about this, maybe if they plaster the bastard's face all across the region someone will notice him and contact the proper authorities. Bring this holoreel to Poinen IV - Moon 8 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Factory, my friend in the media center there will make sure it's shown on State television at least once in the next week. It depicts the suspect leaving my wife's bedroom in a hurry, with his cloths all ruffled up like he had just put them on.

Transport 1 x Holoreels (0.5 m3) to Poinen IV - Moon 8 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Factory.

Foul Play - Ryoke's Friend (2 of 3)

Mission briefing
It's now time to take the law into our own hands, ―name‖. Since the Sheriff is completely incompetent, we have no choice. I've done a little background research on Ryoke, and I've discovered that he has a close relative living near here, in Ihakana. If anyone knows Ryoke's whereabouts, it would be this guy. He's called Zvarin Karsha, and is a small time peddler dealing in foodstuffs and other goods. I heard he and his escort are currently located near the State and Region Bank in Ihakana. Go there and find him, then bring him alive to me. You will be well rewarded for your efforts.

Provide 1 x Zvarin Karsha (1.0 m3) to agent. Note that the system in which Zvarin is located is low-sec.

Foul Play - Finding Ryoke (3 of 3)

Mission briefing
I've managed to force Zvarin to cough up the location of his nephew, Ryoke. He admitted that Ryoke was actually a Guristas Pirate! I should have known it would turn out this way ... not only is this guy a rapist but he's also a member of the most feared criminal organization in the Forge!

Zvarin also gave me the location of his nephew. It took some 'convincing' on my part, but eventually he gave in. Ryoke is apparently on duty in the Guristas Stronghold in Otomainen. They use the area as their main base of operations in this constellation. Bring me his head, on a plate if possible. Nyhaha!

Provide 1 x Ryoke Laika (1.0 m3) from Contested Guristas Outrider Post to agent.