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E-UNI Emblem.png This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

Members of EVE University are allowed access to the Corporation Hangar upon receiving a title. The amount of access you receive depends on your title. Hangars contain ammunition, weapons, modules, ships, skillbooks, and miscellaneous items ready for use. Members without hangar access may ask in appropriate chat channels if someone with access is available to get it for them.

Donations assist the University in stocking hangars. If you would like to donate, please visit Donating to EVE University.

Instructions on Use

Pictorial Guide: Getting stuff from Corp Hangar

Accessing the Hangar

  1. Dock at any station which is a Communities headquarters. You must be docked to access the hangars.
  2. Open the Neocom Menu
  3. Open the inventory window (ALT+C)
  4. Open the Corporation Hangar window at the very bottom of the Inventory window.
  5. Open the tab with the name of the hangar (e.g. Flight Deck) you wish to access.

Taking an item from a container

  1. Open the container for your item.
  2. Right-click on the stack of that item and choose "Unlock Item".
  3. Hold the Shift Key and Drag the item stack to where you wish to place your item.
  4. In the Set Quantity dialog box, type in the number of the item that you need, then press OK.
  5. If you accidentally take too many of an item, you may put it back onto the original stack while it is still unlocked.
  6. Important: Right-click on the remaining stack in the hangar container and choose "Lock Item".


Hangar access is a privilege, not a right. All members who make use of this facility must adhere to the rules. These rules have been implemented to prevent problems such as Corp Theft, and any violation of these rules may result in revocation of hangar access or even expulsion from EVE University. Remember that when this section refers to "you", it means any of your characters who are a member of EVE University. You may not use corp resources for any alternate characters outside of EVE University.

Take only what equipment you will personally and immediately use.

You may not take items to resell, reprocess, nor to give to your friends. Only take items to fit onto your own ship, or for another EVE University member to fit onto theirs.

Take only the skillbooks you will personally and immediately use.

Remember that if skillbooks run out of stock in the hangars, then you can still request them through the Skillbook Program. You don't need to worry about hoarding them in case they "run out".

Take only as much as you need.

This especially applies to ammunition. Don't take an entire stack of missiles when you only need a few hundred of them. A good general rule is to take only enough to fit one ship, or fly one mission. Remember that the hangar stocks are for use by all members, not just yourself, so please be courteous and leave some for others to use.

Re-lock your stacks!

Remember that the locking mechanism is for auditing. If you do not re-lock a stack, then the next person to come along can take the entire stack and it will appear as if you stole it all.

If you are "done" with an item after using it, please do not put it back onto the original stack.

Any item that you take is yours. If you wish to return it for someone else to use, then think of it as a "re-donation" and drop it into the Donations and Loot hangar, as with any other donations.

Someone told me that the items and ships in the hangars are for PvP, or wartime use only. Is this true?

No, this is not true at all. Items and ships are available for whatever individual use you wish it for (subject to the other rules).

Requesting Items

You may ask for equipment from a hangar higher than you have access.

Even new members can use gear from the Flight Deck. You simply will not be able to get it yourself until you earn the appropriate title. If you need something from a hangar that you cannot access, then just ask if someone else whom does have access is available to get it for you. Please ensure you're docked at the relevant community so that the items can be traded to you.

How to make your request.

You can ask the community chat channel. Please be prepared to link any fits as this can make it easier for the person assisting you. You can also link individual items such as hulls. modules, ammo, etc. If you don't get response within a few minutes please feel free to make your full request again (this is so anyone who has logged on since your initial request will know what you've asked).

Ask in Mumble. You can ask in the community mumble channels if anyone is present with hangar access is in the community to help you.

Sometimes you may get someone who will help you remotely by supplying you things from their personal hangar in the community via contract. This is not required by anyone to do, but it is a very generous gesture and act if they do.

Hangar Information

The Equipment Hangars are divided and tiered by title, and containers within them further divide the equipment by type. They are fairly self-explanatory, but for your convenience, here is a general guide to quickly find what you need. Note that each community may have slightly different categories and grouping, tailored to the needs of that community.

Loot and Donations

The Loot and Donations hangar is a view only hangar, where members can drop all loot or donations to the community or Uni. The hangar will contain:

  • University Donations Container
  • Community Donations Container
  • Community Specific Loot Containers

Main Hangar

The Main Hangar is open to Sophomore and above and is used for community specific items. The hangar will contain:

  • Assorted Packaged Ship Hulls
  • Modules, Ammunition, Drones
  • Skillbooks, intermediate up to 450k ISK market value

Community Hangar

This hangar is restricted to EVE University Officers and is used to support the operation of EVE University.

Blueprint Library

This hangar contains EVE Universities BPO's access is restricted to Directors Only, however members can use the Blueprints stored here through the industry interface in game.

Notes for Industrials

  1. If you want to copy a blueprint, make sure to set the output to the BPC Delivery container inside the Flight Deck.
  2. You shouldn't manufacture immediately from the Blueprint Library to prevent some BPO from being never available. Instead, first copy the BPO, then manufacture from the BPC.
  3. Jobs with the BP in the corp hangar can only take materials from a corp hangar and only output to a corp hangar.
  4. Containers can't be taken out of the corp hangar or moved by anyone but a director to prevent corp theft, so make sure you move the BPC to your item hangar before use.