How to Escape a Wormhole

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Decided to jump into a wormhole system? Maybe you forgot to check the mass status, and it closed behind you? Or maybe you went in, but someone else closed it while you were busy exploring in there? Whatever the reason, getting stuck inside a wormhole system with no familiar exit can be a stressing experience, especially for the inexperienced. This guide offers a few pointers that may allow you to escape a wormhole system.

Finding alternate exits

So there you are, lost in the void that is wormhole space. Fear not, because there will always be at least one exit out (one wormhole is static and respawns as soon as it is closed). However, it's up to you to find it.

Finding another wormhole

The first question you should ask yourself, is:

"Did I bring at least four probes with me?"

If you answer yes to that question, there is hope in getting out, at least by yourself. If not, your options will be severely limited. With probes, simply find another wormhole that hopefully leads into known space. It's best to find one that leads to empire space: you won't be shot on the way back. However, you must take what you can get. Make sure you recover active probes before jumping, and you'll never run out of new wormhole links to search through. When probes expire they return to your cargohold.

Getting rescued

Another option, is getting rescued. This one is unlikely unless you were with a squad or someone friendly stumbles upon you. They can probe for another exit for you and share the coordinates with you. Shooting someone trying to help you is not recommended, so toss your greed aside for the time being (until you get the coordinates). Help from strangers is rare and you should really apply the "nobody can be trusted in EVE" rule.

From the outside

Sad to say, if they're not there with you, they're not going to find you. There are 2500 wormhole systems, even if you put a bounty on your locus signature, and await contact, it is astronomically unlikely that anyone will stumble into your same w-system.

A cry for help

If you're willing to wait around and try to get some help, you can attempt to rely on the good will of your fellow passing capsuleers. Rename your ship to something like "Help, I am lost" and remain uncloaked (but always aligned!). Drop a can (even a bookmark can be used) and rename it with your character. Attempt to convo any pilots that are affiliated with a POS/named ship in system. Go ahead and use local. Your alternative is losing a pod, so although it's a long shot, this will sometimes work.

Search and Rescue

Eve-Scout Rescue is a division of Signal Cartel and provides free wormhole rescues to all pilots. Their Rescue 911 line is staffed 24 hours a day and available at for immediate assistance. As of March 2023, they have completed over 4,300 rescues. Their rescue caches, containing probes, probe launchers and filaments, are located in 95% of wormhole systems. Search and rescue operations also include finding and leading stranded pilots back into known space. Signal Cartel, a neutral corporation of explorers, maintains the EvE-Scout chat channel where help is also available.


If all else fails, you must resort to your medical clone. The manner in which you reach it is up to you. You could self-destruct, or maybe if you've been spotted by someone with malicious intentions, you will be tracked and shot down. In the end, you will be cloned back to life. The cost may be hefty however, you could lose expensive implants, ship or modules in the process.

Going out in style!

If you choose to pod yourself, make a good show of it at least! Create a safespot bookmark and park your ship there. Rename it to tell a short tale of your own demise. Eject from your ship, and then deposit your corpse next to it. It might be years, but someone will eventually find the remains and hear your final words.


In wormhole systems, there's all sorts of threats lurking around to kill you, while you're clawing at an ethereal door to get out. It's a good idea to understand what could be waiting for you out there and how to counter those (if possible).

Malicious players

Those players want your loot, your ISK, the salvageable components from your wreck, your corpse... etc. They want anything and everything from you, including tears. One good idea is to set up good safespots (using bookmarks) in the hostile system and keep warping between them. It will be harder to probe you out and murder you horribly. If your ship is capable enough, go ahead and murder them yourself. Be very wary of anyone trying to sell you an exit, they have no reason to abide by their own agreement.

On a side note, players can use "0.0" modules in wormhole systems. This includes bombs and...


Not the soapy kind, bubbles tend to be your doom if you encounter one. Not much can be done to avoid them. Staying out of obvious warp paths (planet to planet) can help.


Sleepers are the inhabitants of those wormhole systems. They are pretty smart and strong. You should avoid them, the goal is not to chase them down, but to get out of the wormhole system. It's your call though, maybe you want to hunt them down for some quick cash. At any rate, just don't jump into their sites and you won't see one ever. If you're already down to your pod and feel like playing a nasty trick to whoever relieved you of your ship, go ahead and bounce through sleeper sites. They won't target your pod, but they'll target your pursuers.

Player Owned Stations (POS) and Citadels

Those can be deadly. They are very easy to avoid, however. Just don't warp to moons and you won't see any.


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