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The HyperNet Relay was introduced in November 2019. It is a raffling system where players can both host and take part a new method of selling items via raffle tickets called 'HyperNodes'. Players can sell most items, including those that normally cannot be sold, separate from the market. The goal of the system was to provide capsuleers a means of selling more rare and expensive items with the chance of a higher turnover, thus stimulating the economy. Due to the chance-based methodology, some liken it to a form of gambling. Unlike trading and contracts, this isn't a guarantee, and unlike auctions you do not get your money back if you lose.

The HyperNet Relay basic

The HyperNet Relay is an in-game raffle interface where players can put up single items and sell HyperNodes (or tickets) where upon a holder of such HyperNodes will try their luck against each other for a chance to win the item.

The HyperNet Relay interface is found in the Neocom under the 'Finance' category .


Creating a HyperNet raffle

From the New Eden Store, capsuleers can purchase HyperCores using PLEX. They can then use the HyperCores to host a raffle or sell the cores on the market for others to obtain.

The item that the capsuleer wants to sell must be a single item, unstacked, and in an NPC station. Each item raffled translates to a HyperNet Offer, containing HyperNodes (think tickets in raffles), they are created through the "create" tab in the HyperNet Relay window. The number of raffles and their price is set by the host.

During the creation process the host can set the number of HyperNodes and either the ISK cost of a single ticket, or the total ISK cost of all the tickets. Hosting a HyperNet Offer will cost a variable number of HyperCores (depends on the total ISK value set for the offer).

When all of the HyperNodes are purchased the HyperNet Offer will be completed and the host will be transferred all of the ISK collected from the HyperNodes (minus 5% tax). Offers will last for a maximum of three days.

If not all HyperNodes were sold in time, the offer is canceled. The prize item is returned to the host and the ISK from tickets is returned to buyers. The host will not get any ISK from the tickets and the HyperNet cores that were spend for creating the raffle will not be returned.


Taking part in HyperNet raffle

Any item being raffled on the HyperNet Relay will show as a HyperNet Offer. The HyperNodes can be purchased either individually or in bulk order. Once all of the HyperNodes for the given offer have been purchased, a HyperNode will be selected at random through a lottery style animation. The item claimed will be placed in the capsuleers hangar where the offer originated.

If not all HyperNodes were sold in time, the offer is canceled. All ISK that was used to purchase HyperNodes will be returned to the respective capsuleers.


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