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This page is deprecated and no longer in use. There is no replacement information available.

PYOS (or Purchase Your Own Ship) was a program akin to BYOM, but with plain ISK. The primary aim of the program was to make a large array of T1 ships readily available to University students without the need to travel. The fantastic blueprint programs at various EVE University campuses to a degree lowered the need for this program as it existed previously and it was therefore discontinued.

Requesting a ship is a simple matter: issue a corporation contract to the University with the name of your ship and a set price. Within a few days, your order should be filled by an industrious corp mate (or the Uni) and your chosen ship will be in your hangar. The price of ships is set to an internal mineral list with an added 4% to cover expenses and market fluctuations. Ideally the program will turn a small profit for the University to help cover other programs.

The list of ship prices that were available can be found here.

The program

The program worked as follows:

  1. Students submit buy contracts, addressed to EVE University and located at Aldrat PTS, set to the listed price. This allows other students to check available corp contracts in case they want to get in on the action and fill that order themselves. Upon us noticing the contract we will start building the ship and fill the contract a little later / next chance we get, unless a student filled it first. There's a bit of "slack" built into the program so there may be enough time for a student to notice and have a few hours to build the ship for sale themselves.
  2. A few particular high demand ships may be made available for purchase 24/7 (or as often as we can keep the contracts up) by simply accepting a for sale contract from the Uni.
  3. If demand for option #2 is high enough we might start offer buy contracts for specific ships to refill internal stock for the program. For those ships essentially PYOS will be a buffer between ship manufacturing students and ship consuming students.
  4. Corp contracts / Market orders may be issued in Aldrat to buy up additional mineral stock.


The procedure was:

  1. Post a contract to the corporation. For a PYOS ship put the acronym and ship name in the contract description, like "PYOS Scorpion x 1", and actually look up and add the ship itself as an item demanded. Enter the price listed at the link above and that's it!
    If you'd like to sell a ship this way simply look for issued contracts on a regular basis and see if one pops up for a ship type you can supply. You might be able to make more profit by selling elsewhere at market price, and that's perfectly fine too. PYOS allows you another potential market in Aldrat in case you don't want to mess with moving ships or want to help support your fellow Unistas. Also see option 3)
  2. To see which ships may appear for instant purchase check the list below first and then simply review corp contracts to see if there is one available. Accept the contract and you'll be short some ISKies, but richer by a shiny new ship.
  3. This option is not available yet, pending demand review. If we implement this option it'll work the exact way as a student putting up a PYOS contract, you'll just be filling it for the Uni instead of a student.
  4. We keep an internal stock of minerals of substantial quantity. Should we need to replenish we may issue Corp Contracts for minerals, or alternatively simply list buy orders in Aldrat. If this option becomes active we'll put a sticky thread in The Exchange and update each time we issue contracts

We calculate our internal mineral price list based on how much it would cost us to refill each type via high-quantity buy orders somewhat near Aldrat. This means that the internal price may be both a little high and somewhat volatile. That's good if you want to sell us minerals, and still not usually enough to make the ship prices get up to near general market price. We may try to buy minerals a little cheaper, so consider the listed prices an estimate - they'll fluctuate anyway.

High demand ships

These ships were kept in stock and insta-buy contracts would occasionally be published to make them available whenever possible.