Skurk Tekkurs

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Skurk Tekkurs
Skurk Tekkurs.jpg
Level 2
Location Vahunomi (0.5)
The Forge
Affiliation Archangels
Angel Cartel

WARNING: As of 2022, a bug has been discovered in which items required for missions are not dropping at a low rate or are unlikely to drop. Until further notice, we recommend that you refrain from performing the mission!

Designated Driver - The Garage (1 of 4)

Mission briefing
I'm setting up an escape route for my friend Krakan Rost, for some job he's planning. I already got two fast ships, a Crow and a Raptor, lined up as the getaway vessels. I'm plotting the escape course as we speak. I want to use the Crow as the first getaway ship, then switch over to the Raptor to confuse the police and any potential pursuers.

Acquire 1 x Secret Garage Coordinates (0.1 m³)

Rewards= 100,000 ISK + 25,000 ISK (time bonus)

The belt rats are suppose to drop it, but the drop rate seems low, can also be purchased off contracts.

Designated Driver - The Decoder (2 of 4)

Mission briefing
Congratulations again on a job well done. Sad thing is, these bandits are obviously more paranoid than most: The data chip you gave me is encoded with some heavy-duty codelock. The Data Analyzer I'll need for this is not something available on the common market.

I did some digging around, and turns out there's a black marketeer operating out of the Chief Executive Panel station in Otitoh. Strange place for such an operation, but I gather he's working under the protection of some high-level official there. Only goes to show what a strange place Okkelen is these days. Anyway, Rost wants me here, so I need someone to get that decoder for me. And as you did so well the last time, I think you're the one.

Transport these goods: 1 x Data Chip Decoder (0.1 m³).
Collateral 20,000 ISK
Rewards=120,000 ISK + 60,000 ISK (time bonus)

Designated Driver - Clean Out (3 of 4)

Mission briefing
I've finally managed to crack this damn data chip open, thanks to the decoder you got me. The garage is in the middle of nowhere, as I expected. No wonder the police have no idea of its whereabouts. It's just too perfect a place to switch ships. Definitely worth all this hassle.

I'm ready to ship the Raptor out to this garage, but first it has to be cleared out. I think you're the right person for that task. It shouldn't be too hard, though ― there are probably just a few mechanics over there ― but just to be on the safe side you might consider bringing some pals along. As soon as you accept this mission, I'll upload the location of the garage into your ship computer.

I have a nice reward lined up for you for doing this for me.

Bring Item Objective 1 x Crates of Mechanical Parts (100.0 m³)
Kill all the bandits and bring back a mechanical part to finish this mission. 5 Bandit Mechanic frigates, last one drops loot
Rewards= 1 x Medium 'Gattotte' Capacitor Booster BPC (10 runs) + 80,000 ISK (time bonus)

Designated Driver - State of Mind (4 of 4))

Mission briefing
Okay, I'm all set with my preparations, so now all I have to do is wait for Rost to finish ... well, whatever it is he's doing. My guess is it has something to do with the bank vault here in Vahunomi, but I have no idea really. Go talk to him about that, if you haven't already.

There's only one more thing I need, and then everything is perfect. It's my custom to down a bottle of spiked Quafe just before the action heats up. The only problem is, I don't have any with me, and as far as I know there's none to be found in this godforsaken constellation. Thankfully, I've located a supermarket station in the next constellation that carries it. Can you bring me a bottle? Such a simple task, I know, but I will pay you well for it.

Transport Cargo 1 x Spiked Quafe (0.1 m³).

Rewards= 1 x 'Cactus' Modified Kinetic Shield Amplifier BPC (3 runs) + 50,000 ISK (time bonus)