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It's not clear that you can use the 'transfer' button to send money to someone else, which makes accounting much easier.

Using the Skillbook Wallet ... If a new player needs a skillbook, and one is not available in the hangars, we have created the Skillbook Wallet division to help. First, buy the skillbook and give it to the new player. Then, get reimbursed from the wallet. Or simply transfer the money from the corporate account directly to the player who needs the skillbook. You can do this by right-clicking on the player, and select "Transfer corp cash" ...

1) I was reimbursing players by withdrawing the money and giving it to them, and was contacted by Kelduum that this was the incorrect way to do it. So buying the skillbook yourself and giving it away (rather than just giving the isk and having them buy it) just seems like a really bad idea; As such I suggest we remove this part.

2) Perhaps this works for accountants or higher-ups, but transferring cash is not an option for Student rank or at least not for me. Someone please verify before we edit this to clarify?


Change emphasis to remove common point of confusion

In the opening paragraph the purpose of the program is described as being something like:

"Members of EVE University may take advantage of The Skillbook Program, providing vital skillbooks valued at 1 million ISK or less."

While this is certainly true, it tends to give the impression that you can ask for multiple 1m isk books in the same day. Its only by reading the full article that this impression is dispelled.

Similarly, in the detailed rules the 1m per book rule is listed before the 1m per day rule.

The opening paragraph would be much better expressed as:

"Members of EVE University may take advantage of The Skillbook Program, providing vital skillbooks up to a value of 1million ISK per day."

And the detailed rules should list the daily limit before the maximum value of a book. So rules two and three should be reversed.

1m per 24 hours - tracking

Have just been tweaking some of the skillbook reimbursement wiki to reflect Marius' corp mails on the matter - reinforcing "one skillbook per transaction" and adding links.

I can't see a way to effectively track the cumulative amount transferred to a given student over a 24 hour period. In my alt's corp wallet I can of course simply check the journal or transaction log, but I can't see the journal in the Eve Uni skillbook wallet division as a sophomore.

Is it feasible to grant journal visiblity for that division to those with skillbook wallet access? We could then insert a step into the reimbursing others procedure which involved checking the last 24 hours of transfer to the requesting student and ensure that they are under their limit. Alternatively an API linked search box in the E-uni website?

I expect that this is an old question with an old answer but I can't find the discussion anywhere. Advice please?

Add the word "mistake" somewhere

When searching the wiki for the word "mistake" and "skillbook mistake" I did not find this page. Perhaps the phrase

"If an error is made in a reimbursement"

could be changed to

"If a mistake or error is made in a reimbursement"

When checking for Freshman title

When checking if a requester has the Freshman title, it would be good to check if they meet the basic requirements for Freshman (i.e. check they have been in the Uni for 7 or more days, and if so, check if they have been in the game for 3 or more weeks) and if they do, then post a copy of the link ( ) for them to read up on.

Titles used to be gained automatically, but with that removed, a lot of new members are not aware of how titles are obtained. Since the process for reimbursing others already includes a check to see if they already have Freshman, it would seem resonable to go the extra step and check to see if they appear to be eligible for Freshman.

... so if you think this would be a good change, and you have edit rights on the page, please updated it.

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