Taru Kubona

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Taru Kubona is a level 1 agent in Caldari COSMOS located in Otitoh - Devil's Dig Site.

This agent offers one repeatable mission with no faction standing gain.

Finders Keepers

ObjectiveTrade 4x Talocan Mechanical Gears (4 m3)
Mission briefing
The mega-corporations are trying to hog all the action here in Okkelen, but if you're careful to stay under their radar it's easy to get your hands on something good from time to time. I'm monitoring the excavation site here, looking for opportunities that might arise.

In the meantime, I hear the Kazka Bandits over in Sakkikainen have hoarded a sizeable amount of artifacts in their headquarters. I'm well connected to shift these artifacts, so if you know anything about archaeology I'm interested in striking a bit of a buisness deal. I'll pay you good money for any Talocan Mechanical Gears you manage to scavenge from the Kazka Bandits.

The agent trades isk and Mercantile Club corporation standing for some relics.

This mission is repeatable. There are no further rewards.