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Thunderdome is an event server of EVE Online. Unlike other non-production servers, it's operated by the Community team, not by the QA team. Mostly, it's used for tournaments such as the Alliance Tournament.

Unlike Singularity, there is no market tool and players must spawn items with the Tournament tool using Slash Commands. Also, only accounts are carried over and one must create a new character when logging into Thunderdome.

Due to technical issues, players with accounts through Steam cannot currently log into Thunderdome with their accounts if they have not set an account name. This article details the process for doing so. Remember to sign in using a username and password after setting them.

How can I run an event on Thunderdome?

If you’re interested in running an event on Thunderdome, you can mail your plan to [email protected] for consideration. Note that this must be a plan, with things like rules, schedules, and other such details. Sending just an idea will result in them asking you to try again once you’ve got more details. Additionally, they generally only approve events that are available to the general EVE community.