Tida Aikato

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Tida Aikato is an level 1 agent in Caldari COSMOS.

Rush to the Head

ObjectiveRetrieve 2x Talocan System interface unit (0.2 m3)
Mission briefing
Something tells me that we're on the verge on discovering something really marvelous here in Okkelen that might change the way we look at the world forever. There are artifacts here that are thousands of years old and if we can discover who left them behind and what kind of society they lived in, it might put our own meager existence into a more enlightened perspective.

Yes, interesting times indeed, and I for one want to do what I can to advance humankind to the next rug in the evolution ladder. I'm collecting interesting relics and am on the lookout for independent pilots that have some rudimentary knowledge of archaeology to help me out in this great endeavor. Are you interested?

This is a repeatable mission that offers only small isk reward and corp standings.

The agent wants you to bring him some talocan artefacts. The item can be found in Contested Kazka Headquarters.