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To help with event planning, here is a quick converter between time-zones. (UTC is GMT without daylight saving time, however the two are often used interchangeably)

Note that as various places switch to/from daylight savings time, it may be an hour or two off, worst-case.

Timezone conversion (weekend)
Australia East UK EVE US Pacific
Fri 6pm Fri 8am Fri 8:00 Thu midnight
Fri 10pm Fri noon Fri 12:00 Fri 4am
Sat 2am Fri 4pm Fri 16:00 Fri 8am
Sat 6am Fri 8pm Fri 20:00 Fri midday
Sat 10am Fri midnight Sat 0:00 Fri 4pm
Sat 2pm Sat 4am Sat 4:00 Fri 8pm
Sat 6pm Sat 8am Sat 8:00 Fri midnight
Sat 10pm Sat noon Sat 12:00 Sat 4am
Sun 2am Sat 4pm Sat 16:00 Sat 8am
Sun 6am Sat 8pm Sat 20:00 Sat midday
Sun 10am Sat midnight Sun 0:00 Sat 4pm
Sun 2pm Sun 4am Sun 4:00 Sat 8pm
Sun 6pm Sat 8am Sun 8:00 Sat midnight
Sun 10pm Sun noon Sun 12:00 Sun 4am
Mon 2am Sun 4pm Sun 16:00 Sun 8am
Mon 6am Sun 8pm Sun 20:00 Sun midday
Mon 10am Sun midnight Mon 0:00 Sun 4pm
Mon 2pm Mon 4am Mon 4:00 Sun 8pm
Mon 6pm Mon 8am Mon 8:00 Sun midnight


  • 'plus' is ahead, 'minus' is behind
  • 'midnight' is counted as part of the previous day
  • does not include daylight savings time
Other timezones
Location GMT nearby timezone
New Zealand GMT +12 Australia East +2
Japan GMT +9 Australia East -1
Australia West GMT +8 Australia East -2
Moscow GMT +4 EVE +4
US East GMT -4 US Pacific +3
Central Europe (CET) GMT +1 EVE +1
Central European Summertime (CEST) GMT +2 EVE +2
Hawaiian Standard Time GMT -10 EVE -10

Note: Feel free to add your own timezones, if they will be useful.

Online tools

You can also use various online tools to get an overview of how your own (and others') local time maps to time in New Eden, e.g. The Personal World Clock