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EVE Server Time or EVE Time refers to the in-game server time, which is displayed at the bottom left of the screen. It is identical to real-world Coordinated Universal Time (UTC); UTC itself is the mean solar time at 0° longitude, a line which runs through London, where the main EVE server, Tranquility, is based.

EVE players live all around the world, and it is good practice to give times for all scheduled events in EVE Time, as individual players are usually best-placed to convert from EVE Time to their local timezone while accounting for local quirks. All times for EVE University classes are listed in EVE Time (UTC). The UniWiki provides a basic timezone converter, but cannot account for the intricacies of (for instance) local daylight savings adjustments in every country.

When using the in-game calendar, players should note how dates in EVE Time will sometimes differ from their local date. 0300 EVE Time on a given day is late in the evening of the previous day in North America, while 2300 EVE Time is early in the morning of the next day in western Russia.

Adding EVE Server Time to Windows (Displaying a Second Time Zone)

On Windows:

Right click on the clock in the taskbar and choose "adjust date/time". On the right hand side of the settings window choose "Add clocks for a different time zone". In the Date and Time pop-up go the the "Additional Clocks" tab checking "Show this clock", selecting the UTC time zone, and enter a display name such as "EVE" then click OK.

Second time zone clock will be displayed when hovering or clicking taskbar clock.