Titanomachy: Graveyard of Giants

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Roll up, roll up. Come one, come all. Witness one of the true wonders of the EVE Universe.

On the 27th January 2014 a missed sovereignty bill in system B-R5RB set in motion events that would ultimately culminate in the most epic battle in online history. Used as a staging system by Pandemic Legion fleets during the Halloween War, the loss of sovereignty provided a unique opportunity for combined CFC/Russian forces to take the system, capture the station and trap hundreds of PL capital and sub capital ships and remove them from the ongoing war effort.

Due to the surprise nature of the loss of sovereignty PL/N3 fielded a much smaller supercap presence than usual. CFC/Rus forces used this opportunity to deploy the full might of their own capital fleet and soon the system was filled with hundreds of Titans and Supercarriers with a full supporting cast of Dreadnaughts, Carriers and sub-capitals.

After 12 hours of fighting and astounding losses PL conceded the field with both sides stunned by the sheer devastation they had inflicted upon each other.

Totals destroyed:

  • Titans – 75 (N3/PL lost 59 titans and CFC/DTF lost 16 titans)
  • Supercarriers – 13
  • Dreadnaughts – 370
  • Carriers – 123
  • And lots more smaller ships

In comparison, the previous record for largest single battle Titan losses was a tie between battles in “O2O” and “Uemon”, with 12 total Titans destroyed in each.

Estimated Value

  • estimated approximately $300,000-$330,000 USD

Following the battle CCP decided a permanent memorial to this incredible event was needed and installed the ‘Titanomachy’ monument around the seventh planet in the B-R5RB system. Consisting of non-salvagable capital wrecks created using brand new Titan wreck models introduced with EVE Online: Rubicon’s 1.1release, the site allows players who are brave enough to make the journey, to visit the battlefield and marvel at the awesome scope of the destruction.

Abridged from the Full version at EVE online.


If you would like to run this Event it is highly recommended that you contact a member of the Events staff before making any preparations. Due to the distances involved, and the fact that the destination system is deep in Sovereign Null Sec, this can be a complex event to put together and run successfully. As well as helping you ensure all the necessary Diplomatic safeguards are in place we may be able to help arrange faster ways to reach the site and additional content (Guest speakers, live Titan's etc) to make your event even more special.


Form up: Slays VII - Moon 3 - Center for Advanced Studies School

Duration: 3+ Hours

Area: Null Sec

Destination: B-R5RB

Communication: You must be on Mumble at all times during the pilgrimage. If you are in fleet, you need to be on Mumble.


  • Read Fleets 101
  • This event is open to all Unista’s and no prior fleet experience is required.
  • If you are new to Uni fleets, there will be a brief Fleets 101 15 minutes prior to fleet leaving Slays.



Please DO NOT bring anything that you cannot afford to lose. We will be going deep into Sov Null and may encounter bubbles as such Interceptors and fast frigates are required.


  • EVE University is at war, and we will also be traveling through Sov Null, be prepared to get blown up.
  • Have your medical clone set to an appropriate station ahead of the journey and insure your ship!

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