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Alan Mathison

Alan is a Sophomore student at EVE University and is active on the AMC and Solitude Campuses.


While being born in YC112, Alan slept for the first 4 years of his life - a problem with the capsule mechanism. Becoming fully concious on YC116.06.23, he actually started living. While an Amarrian, Alan doesn't have a lot of close ties to the Empire, partially because he is rumored to have Humanist leanings.

While initially interested in Exploration, Alan has taken more to Mining, with an almost equal interest in taking on Missions. He is currently working with the Sisters of EVE along these lines.

A bit of a tourist, Alan has been to the EVE Gate, which he didn't find as breathtaking as he expected. His greatest (and riskiest) voyage has been to B-R5RB to view the wrecks of the battle that was held there in early YC116. His ship was destroyed in-system, and he survived nearly 10 jumps naked in his pod before finally being able to secure another ship!


While born Amarrian, even Alan's short time as an active Capsuleer has opened his eyes to both his race and others. As such, over time, he has started to reject his Amarr heritage and has found himself more aligned with Gallente values. Due to his eyes opening, Alan is not entirely comfortable on the Aldrat campus given is position in Minmatar space.

In YC110 he met a Gallente street kid, Chris Turing, who struck him as exceptional. Alan sponsored him into the Capsuleer program and he squeeked by in both acceptence and training. Chris is currently in training as a hauler pilot, and they continue a close relationship.

EVE University Career

Alan was accepted to the University on YC116.07.05 and immediately started ransacking the Library. He was granted his Freshman status on YC116.07.22. Surprising himself, he moved to the Solitude campus the same day, starting to participate in the Solitude Coordinated Scanning Endeavour. Getting his Freshman status, he also applied to the AMC and was accepted to that program on YC116.07.23. He went on to train in both Fleet Commander positions as well as Scout. His main activities in the Solitude Campus is scanning down wormholes.

On YC116.11.8 he was granted his Sophomore status.

Courses Audited or Taken

Medals Awarded

(This is a list of all ribbons/medals recieved. Not all are worn. It makes no sense to wear, for example, NulSec Voyager if you wear Graveyard of Giants since, by definition, you had to voyage into NulSec to get that particular ribbon.)

  • Sophomore
  • Freshmen
  • A Class Above
  • Close Call
  • Graveyard of Giants
  • Pilgrim
  • NulSec Voyager
  • Wormhole Voyager
  • War Vet
  • Basic Training

Future Plans

Having now gotten his Sophomore status, Alan is looking to move ahead with his participation in the AMC Campus, continuing in Fleet Commander and Scouting responsibilities, and looking to move into boosting and hauling with a good bit more training. He has been impressed with the University and plans to stay for the forseeable future, looking perhaps at one point to join the faculty or administration.