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Ambar Khardula is an accepted student at EVE University.


Ambar was born on YC116.06.24 and joined EVE University on YC116.07.08. Born into the Amarrian Empire Ambar started her life in EVE as a slightly confused but very ambitious capsuleer. She started off her Mining career early on and lost a few Venture mining frigates.

EVE Online Timeline

  • Ambar Khardula was born in Sehmy on YC116.06.24.
  • Ambar moved to Arnon to work on the Sisters of EVE epic arc in YC116.07.03.
  • Ambar applied to EVE University on YC116.07.07.

EVE University Career

Ambar is a new recruit for the university and she is waiting to apply for her Freshman so she can move forward to apply for the AMC where she hopes to learn all there is about mining.

Courses Audited/Taken

  • Introduction to EVE University
  • E-UNI Imposters and Joining the Uni
  • EVE University - Past, Present, and Future
  • Introduction to the Amarr Mining Camp
  • Making A Difference in the Uni

The Future And Beyond

Ambar Khardula has many plans for her future in the world of New Eden. She hopes one day to start a mining and (hopefully) industry corporation after her tenure here at the University.