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Amoni Panala, April YC126


Amoni is an alumna of EVE University who served as a Skirmish FC, teacher, and hauling deparmtment staff during her tenure.

She is currently a member of Incredible, part of the Brave Alliance

EVE Univeristy Career

EVE University, Part 1

Amoni joined EVE University in June of YC121. Over the course of her time with EUni, she achieved the title of Sophomore, FC, and Teacher. She began, as many Unistas do, in hisec. She even won a photo contest for her photo of a venture receiving boosts. She eventually became interested in PVP and moved to LowSec Campus (LSC) where she made friends who helped her get her feet wet with blood in small gang PVP. After a time as a lowsec pirate, Amoni moved to Wormhole Campus. It was there that she developed a love for wormhole life.

Winning EVE

Due to mental health concerns, Amoni had to put her EVE career on hold and it was expected to be indefinite.

EVE University, Part 2

In March of YC125, Amoni returned to EVE University. After a period of adjustment and reacclimation to life as a pilot, Amoni quickly dove into FCing and teaching. She resurrected and redesigned an old class, "Intro to Safe Travelling" which is specifically created to help Unistas learn about the dangers of going place to place in New Eden. The idea of the redesigned class was to reduce the number of T1 hauler losses due to ill-advised trips to Jita, make Unistas aware of bubble mechanics, and introduce them to the University Buyback Program and University Hauling Program.

Amoni completed her time with EVE University in August YC125 with the titles Graduate, Teacher, and Skirmish FC. She was awarded EVE University Graduate, Order of Ivy League, Content Creator, EVE University Donor, and The EVE University Campus Cross medals.

Post-EVE University

No Vacancies

Amoni Panala, Anger Games 6

22 September YC125, Amoni was accepted into No Vacancies, a C5/C5 wormhole corporation. As with EVE University, she made herself known through her memes. She was known for her consistent role as a logi pilot and footage of her exploits can be found here. She passed along the lessons she learned from No Vacancies to her brother, Kamille, who used this information to teach classes and offer guidance to new logi pilots in EVE University.

Amoni was part of the eviction of Ad Aspera Ad Astra, a farm corporation that had a nasty habit of forming fleets to attack other farmers. No Vacancies had their eye on the corp for some time. They reinforced the Panala Family Farm structures which put No Vacancies in the difficult position of having to defend the farm even though the likelihood of a follow-up for the kill-timer was unlikely. Amoni was heartbroken for her sister, Zipporah, who was living her dream on the farm and providing the family with much-needed funds to continue their activities across wormhole space and nullsec. Their relationship was somewhat strained after that, though ultimately they reconciled as only sisters can.

For six months, Amoni was an integral part of No Vacancies. When the C6 farm war began in March YC126, the majority of the regular brawls familiar to wormhole space ceased. Amoni, being in her dream corporation and loving it, felt conflicted about whether to stick it out. She was uninterested in being a part of the farm war because she knew it would only end one way: everyone loses something and no one is really happy about it. After weeks of consideration, Amoni made the difficult decision to move on No Vacancies. Her final contribution to No Vacancies was her participation in Anger Games 6, a 7-v-7 matchup that highlights the skills of individual pilots, team compositions, and overall teamwork.


Zipporah Panala

Zipporah Panala, January YC126

While Amoni had moved on from EVE University to learn and accomplish things that were beyond the scope of what EVE University had to offer, Amoni's younger sister, Zipporah, served the University as a guest FC and teacher. Zipporah has held the title Graduate and Teacher while a member of EVE University. Although it had originally been the intention that Zipporah would remain a member EVE University to more easily teach and FC, the University's Rules of Engagement presented a conflict of interest where Zipporah's obligations were concerned. It was then decided that Zipporah would provide her service to the University as an alumna guest. She eventually moved on from the University entirely when her younger brother, Kamille, became a member of EVE University.

Zipporah decided to lay down arms and take up a more or less peaceful existence. She is currently scoping out possible lands for the Panala Farm, a place for family and friends. While she waited for finalization on the location, she lived with her sister, Amoni, in wormhole space. While she didn't join in on the space battles with Amoni, she cheered on her elder sister from a distance and continued to work on plans for the ranch. By no means a pacifist, Zipporah is known to fight off pirates and other threats from time to time. She spent considerable time learning new things in order to be self-sufficient when the time came for her to plant the flag at Panala Farm.

In January YC126, the Panala Family Farm was built. The land was purchased from a larger organization who ran a sophisticated farming operation spanning several systems. Thanks to Amoni's employment, the Panala Family Farm was protected by one of the most active and vicious wormhole corporations in wormhole space. Though the farm was small, Zipporah looked forward to seeing what it will become in the future. Sadly, it was not meant to be. Beset by constant problems including frequent roll-ins from hostile fleets and a hostile POS with full defensive capabilities set up, the farm was practically unusable. Consulting with her siblings, Zipporah made the difficult decision to exfil from the farm, removing all but the most essential assets. The farm was sold to previous residents in April YC126.

Zipporah followed her sister this time and joined the Brave United alliance which has operations across hisec, lowsec, nullsec, and jspace.

Kamille Panala

Kamille Panala, January YC126

Kamille Panala is the youngest of the three Panala siblings. He is currently a teacher, FC, mentor, and buyback officer at EVE University. Kamille began to make something of himself at EVE University. By teaching using a "Choose Your Own Class," Unistas have come to enjoy opportunities to put in requests for classes. Kamille was also involved in defense during the Fall of Innuendo. As the Winter Nexus YC125 came to a close and YC126 began, Kamille embraced their role as a teacher and mentor first with FCing happening sporadically as time allowed. As a member of the Nullsec Community, Kamille often took over as FC when there were hostiles in numbers or size of ship that required a more organized response. Following in his sister's footsteps, Kamille eventually moved in the new Wormhole Community staging to support a mentee who expressed strong interest in wormhole activities.

Once that mentorship ended, Kamille stayed on to provide as much support to a fledgling WHC in their new temporary home of Pavilion. He was a part of the initial phase establishing a permanent home for WHC in a C4 C2/C3. For his efforts, Kamille received the EVE University Star of Unity. He has continued the Panala family's dedication to education by teaching as often as time allows.

Arts and Crafts

The Panalas are an artistic bunch. Throughout their EVE University careers, Amoni and Zipporah availed themselves of any and all opportunities to share memes and art they had created for the enjoyment of all.