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Eklipz Badawan Mentor Sheet

What i do as a mentor?

  • Supply a great introduction to the game and making sure you don't get lost in a big corporation like E-Uni. I will do my best to make your first months of EvE enjoyable.
  • Try to moderate the learning curve and prevent you becoming discouraged due to information overload.
  • Learn you how to get used to the hostile nature of the sandbox, who can you trust and where can you safely go.
  • Meet my protege's in space and do stuff with them (pvp or pve, whatever is in my field of expertise, else i will ask a friend to help)
  • Have a private group channel for all my mentees
  • I want to be your coach, not your lecturer or drill-instructor. I will help you understand your choices so you can make your own informed decisions. I will try to talk you through basic mechanics and show you how to do stuff, but I'm much more here to helping you make long term choices and giving you insight in how to achieve your goals.
  • I will ask for your limited API so i can help you with setting up your skillplan and check your progression, help out on recommended fits, check for holes in your training and warn you when you outgrow your medical clone.

What makes a good mentee?

  • Don't jump in a blackhole never to return again
  • Communication is king! Look me up frequently even if you don't have questions.
  • Enjoy being new in this game and be curious :)

This page is a work in progress, like the game itself its ever expanding. This page is a base document to help me and my protege's.

Useful channels

   AMC Ops.e-uni

> All Uni Chatchannels

Programs and campus

  • Implants
  • SRP
  • Reimbursement Skillbooks
  • Rookie's guide to fleet ops + tackle/ewar role link
  • Purchase Your Own Ship (PYOS)
  • Bring Your Own Minerals (BYOM)
  • Amarr Mining Campus (AMC)
  • Low Sec Campus (LSC)
  • Null Sec Campus (NSC)
  • Wormhole Campus (WHC)
  • Incursion group (INC)

> Implants Program, Ship Replacement Program, Skillbook Program, PYOS,BYOM,

ISK Sources

  • Solo missions/ Spider & Locust fleets with high skilled unibro's
  • Incursions (long term goal/ high SP needed but training for it is never a waste)
  • Mining
  • Station trading/ Market pvp
  • Manufacturing/ Research
  • Epic Arcs - Sisters of EVE and more
  • Planet Interaction PI
  • Transporting/ Hauling
  • Salvaging
  • Exploration

Skill Planning

  • Use implants for faster training
  • Do not Remap to fast!
  • Balance short-term fun and long-term goals in a skillplan (focus on required support skills)
  • Recommended training, Basic skill planning

Fiddle with your own training for a bit, and after 2-4 weeks we will see what you come up with and try to find out want you to do. We can then sit down and and discuss skillplans etc. For PvP, train unmapped for a useful ship like an ewar/t1 logi cruiser or a solid tackle frig, then remap intelligence/memory and do the core skills. That's a good way of giving yourself time to figure out what choices u need to make without waisting any remaps.

War Safety

  • Watch local
  • Watchlists
  • Use liveintel.iln
  • Fleet up
  • Use Mumble
  • Alt / Hauler
  • Red Frog (Blue/Black mentioned)
  • In-corp hauling contacts
  • Travel fit (w-stabs, mwd+cloak trick) or pvp fit
  • How to travel safely around new eden
  • Roams
  • Project: Fortress and liveintel for safety

Useful Links
   43X1e.jpg (careers image guide) (Damage types)

Things to try in the first 30-60 days (examples)

  • Newbs on patrol
  • Mine for a couple hours
  • Meet the friendlies in rancer until we get a free trip home
  • Get blown up in a uni blob and learn how to handle that/what to do from there
  • Jump into a new clone
  • Finish your characters tutorial missions
  • Watch Jita local


  • Example: Entering the AMC or LSC before 3 months ends
  • Sustainable income and a plan for the future?

Eve Topics

  • EveMon and EFT
  • Sharing API key's with 3rd party tools
  • Basics of tanking, damage types and EHP
  • Ship Fittings
  • Making ISK/ Plex
  • Mining
  • Trading
  • Manufacturing
  • Research and Invention
  • Wormholes
  • Exploration
  • PVP
  • Missions
  • Incursions
  • Corporation Hangar

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