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"In the beginning all things were as one.

God parted them and breathed life into his creation
Divided the parts and gave each its place
And unto each, bestowed purpose"

- The Scriptures, Book I 1:4

I am Elabel (or Ela for short). The sixth and youngest child of a Ni-Kunni marriage, a liberated great-grandchild of a line of Mishian slaves. My grandfather Elagon won his freedom by virtue of his hard work and reputation as an honest and yet cunning, skilful hauler. My strict religious upbringing is both my blessing and my curse. My faith remains undiminished, but my father's desire to marry me off for power and influence fell to ashes when my sight was damaged and my face scarred in a freak gas explosion. I was cast out; my value to the family and the church all but gone. I now make my own way, keen to prove the truth of The Word that I do have purpose, bestowed by the Almighty, even if they cannot see it.

My History in New Eden

Having left home and spending a short fortnight in the Royal Amarr Institute developing some independence, I realised just how much I needed to learn. I enrolled in the Eve University where my studies have now begun.

Current Activities

I am currently a member of the AMC and I seek to follow my family's tradition and perhaps, one day, I will prove my worth and skill. I am working my way up the mining ladder, learning the basics and expertise as I grow. I now have enough to have purchased a modest Retriever and I'm using it to build ISK and go further.