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Preparations and Precautions

Set Up Your Overview

This should go without saying, but the first thing you should do (even before your acceptance to the Uni) - is make sure your overview is set up to E-Uni standards. This ensures that you see WT the appropriate way, you filter out unnecessary objects so that don't miss the WTs in the sea of clutter, and that you have some of the overview tabs referred to later in this page (most important being POD SAVER - know it, love it).

Guide: Overview

Out of Corp Alt

Another key step to take is creating an out of Corp. alt to haul and shop with and transport your goods. There are multiple other good uses for this alt, but the primary one (not getting blown up at trade hubs by bloodthirsty WT) should be reason enough.

Guide: Creating_an_Alt_Hauler

Instant Dock/Undock Bookmarks

You should create Instant Dock and Undock Bookmarks for every station you frequent on a regular basis (examples: PTS, Trade Hubs (though you should be using your hauler alt), mission hubs). This is for the occasion that you find yourself camped in (or that you want to dock in a station that is camped). If you take the time to make a perfectly aligned instant warp-out, you should be able to break through any blockade.

You can find information on how to create these bookmarks (and other goodies!) in the following guide.

Guide: Bookmarks


LiveIntel can and will save your life (or someone else's). Make sure this channel is always open during a war - and make sure to check it every time it blinks. Remember - this is not a place to have a discussion or ask questions, but a place to get Intel. When a report pops up, click on the system, and check the "Route" tab to see how far away the WT is. If the WT is within 5-10 jumps, assume that they can (and will) pop into your system at any time. BE PREPARED. When you report, do not get creative, just give as much of the following information as possible (with links if possible as well):

  • 1. WT Name(s)
  • 2. WT System
  • 3. Eyes (you see them on grid or in a station), or No Eyes (You just see them in local)
  • 4. The ship the WT is flying

General Survival Tips

Safety in Hi-Sec is a dangerous illusion - made even more dangerous during Hi-Sec Wars. The following precautions will help mitigate some of that danger and are good habits to be in for even more dangerous space.

The general rules of thumb that need to be drilled into EVERYONE'S head are simple:

  • 1. DO NOT FLY WHAT YOU AREN'T WILLING TO LOSE. Before you undock, ask yourself this question - if I get blapped and podded with what I am flying right now, will I want to quit EVE? Will I want to complain or throw something expensive across the room? If the answer is YES, DO NOT UNDOCK. Fit a cheaper ship :).
  • 2. IF SOMETHING SEEMS FISHY OR STRANGE; TRUST YOUR GUT. It's better to align out/dock up/cloak up over nothing than it is to ignore your spider sense and get burned for it. You'll feel like a champion if you're right, and if you're wrong, all you've done is lost a couple minutes of time (instead of a couple hours worth of isk grinding).


Have this open and be spamming it as often as you can when in space. This sounds like over-kill, but WTs often use OOC eyes. If you see combat scanner probes in space at any time ASSUME they are a WTs, and that they are soon to jump in on you. Just because the probes disappear doesn't mean the danger is over - they may have a cloaky warp-in on grid with you. D-Scan use is an essential skill and this can help you be in good habits for even more dangerous space.

More info: Directional_Scanner_Guide

Saving Your Pod

By now you should have set up your overview to Uni specifications, and should have a Pod Saver tab open. If used properly, this will save you from being Podded in almost every situation*.

When you are tackled, and there is no apparent hope (i.e. you are about to go into structure), switch over to your Pod Saver tab and spam the warp hot key (typically 's')+click on one of the celestials. Keep doing this! There is no negative to doing this, and it may register the warp for your pod even before your client recognizes that your ship is no more. This should allow you to warp out before they even have the chance to target you.

One thing that can impact your ability to do this is lag created by the loss mail being sent to you. In order to minimize this impact, go into your mail settings, and turn off all blink/pop up notifications.

  • Situations this won't work as well: when bubbled and when being SmartBombed... neither of which are really large problems in Hi-sec wars.



Tips to Survive

Survival is often a matter of common sense, patience, and remembering to put into practice some tried and true basics.

The following are a number of points that if followed will help you minimize your risks during wartime.

For a more in-depth write up on what to expect during war please read Wartime Operations in EVE University.

The Main "Rule" of EVE: Don't Fly What You Can't Afford To Lose

Read the title of this. Read it again. Remember it. This means don't fly your entire wealth in a single ship. It will get blown up. Don't fit large amounts of expensive mods on a cheap hull. Always balance isk/benefit.

Smart Pilots take Precautions when Flying...

...PVE Ships

These are ships that are fit for PVE purpose, such as missions and/or incursions. The nature of these activities mean the ships are typically fit in a way that is suboptimal for PVP.

...Mining Ships

This includes the specialized mining ships, such as:


This is any ship which is designed to move large amounts of cargo around[4], such as:

If you need to move items safely during wartime, you should use an 'out-of-corp' Alt Hauler or issue a public courier contract.

Smart Pilots will fit...

...your ship for PvP

This depends greatly on the ship and what you plan to do, but usually means no Mining lasers, cargo expanders or exploration (Codebreaker, Analyser, etc) modules, along with a Buffer tank where appropriate. For relevant fittings, see the forum.[9]

...your guns and launchers efficiently

This means using faction ammo where you can[10]. Remember you don't need to fill your cargo, no matter what the ammo - you need only take one or two reloads on most fleets.

...a Tech 2 tank on BattleCruisers and Battleships

This means your tanking modules are mainly Tech 2, such as Hardeners, Extenders, and so on.[11]

...your ship for its role

This should go without saying, but it means the modules on your ship should not typically cost massively more than the value of the hull. Tackle frigates are fit cheaply and disposably[12], and module cost scales with the cost of the hull[13].

You should always...

...check the Local channel for War-Targets

Check it before you undock, and keep checking it whenever you are in space. Read up on how to identify war targets in local. Hostiles may appear at any moment.[14]

...check liveintel.ILN regularly

You should join the chat channel liveintel.ILN and check it for wartarget reports regularly.

...use D-Scan regularly when undocked

Your ship's onboard scanner, or D-Scan, is a valuable tool for you to use. Read up on it on our Directional Scanner Guide.

...dock up if there are War-Targets

If not in a combat fleet[15] and you see a War-Target in space or the local channel, then dock immediately, no waiting.

...avoid Trade Hubs when travelling

You should avoid Trade hubs when travelling[16], and go around them when you can. Remember, you can use Trade skills for station trading remotely without having to be docked in the station.

Dumb pilots who want to die quickly will

...use the Autopilot to fly your ship

Apart from using it to plot a course and highlight gates, it must never be used to actually fly your ship. All manoeuvres[17] must be done manually.[18]

...go AFK in space

Never leave your ship unattended for long periods when in space[19]. Always dock up if you have to leave. If you are a scout or picket and need to take a short break, warp to a safe-spot and cloak up until you get back.

Fleets should... on Mumble with the FC able to talk

Fleets must use the University Mumble server for voice communications, and the Fleet Commander must be able to talk.[20]

...have members that are not impaired

This means in PvP, you should not have additional accounts engaging in other things than the current combat operation. That means, no PvE, Mining, Chatting, Mailing, granting Titles etc. while you are on a combat operation. Using out of corp alts for fleet related tasks is fine.[21]

  1. ^ This should go without saying, but they have little to no offensive capability if the target is not an asteroid.
  2. ^ While they can fit a half-decent PvE tank, they are simply not suited to any PvP.
  3. ^ Big, slow, expensive and no means of defence? Not a PvP ship!
  4. ^ In short, if there's something worth moving, its worth money to someone, and is better not put in harms way at all.
  5. ^ While they can have a decent buffer tank to avoid some suicide ganks, they are slow and do not survive long in PvP.
  6. ^ These can warp cloaked, are fast and maneuverable, which is nice, but they are expensive and still don't last long, which is not nice.
  7. ^ These tend to have a half-decent tank, and built-in warp stabilisers, but are very slow, expensive and an easy target.
  8. ^ This should go without saying, but while freighters have a decent amount of HP, they huge, slow, can be outrun by a capsule and are incredibly expensive if/when they are lost, even without any cargo.
  9. ^ Hopefully this should be fairly self evident after playing a little EVE, but PvP fits tend to focus on 'buffer' tanks and are significantly different to PvE fits which focus on repairing over time.
  10. ^ The extra damage is usually worth the money, but if you cant afford it, thats ok.
  11. ^ There are some exceptions to this where the Meta 4 module has better statistics, and is cheaper or easier to fit, but in all cases you must still have the skills to fit the modules individually.
  12. ^ Use Meta 0, 1 or 2 modules where you can as they are very cheap.
  13. ^ The bigger the ship, the less likely it is to die quickly in a fight, therefore it is worth fitting it well.
  14. ^ The Local channel is the best tool any player has as to what is going on, and during war it should be made as tall as possible so you can see as many people as possible without scrolling.
  15. ^ Hopefully that should go without saying, but if you are in a combat fleet you should be killing them.
  16. ^ These are prime hunting grounds for most wartargets, and will often have hostiles or their alts present.
  17. ^ This includes setting the next system as a waypoint, and enabling autopilot while in warp, as it leaves a crucial few seconds before jumping.
  18. ^ The Autopilot is dangerous even in peacetime as it drops you around 15km from the gate, meaning that you need to either align and enter warp to escape or burn those 15km to the stargate to jump through. Not to mention that Autopilot promotes being AFK.
  19. ^ Being AFK, for an extended time, even cloaked at a safe-spot or sitting at the POS, simply isn't worth the risk.
  20. ^ The few seconds needed to type out or otherwise pass a command are often the difference between a success and the loss of the whole fleet.
  21. ^ You really don't want to be known as the fleet commander who fell asleep in the middle of a warp.