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Garr Anders

Alumni Member of the Eve University Long time member but no teaching or mentor role during his stay

Currently Director of Operations for Thukk U, the Uni related Minmatar Factional Warfare Corp with Dierdra Vaal as CEO

Together with Damien Anders from The Red Circle Inc. both maintain and manage the EU Minmatar Space and EU Minmatar Space Mail Mailing list.

Damien Anders offeres an BYOM programm for a limimted set of Minmatar Ships as well both Corps offer Uni Students to join up in Mining, Mission and W-space activities.

Garr Anders was also a Guest Lecturer on Factional Warfare and wrote the Factional Warfare Syllabus 101 and 102.


Working on

Fleet Basics

PvP Basics

Ivy Leave Navy related

Forum Grabs