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Collection of sources of info on currently occuring storylines.

Minmatar City Ships

Project Skymother:

Leak in Thukker Mix Reveals Next Gen City Ships

EZA-FM IV – Leisure Group publication Eagle's View published extensive documentation and video evidence of a major Thukker city ship project, late last night. The anonymously sourced evidence confirms suspicions that Thukker Mix and Core Complexion are collaborating on the construction of new city ships using technology recovered from several expeditions into the Rogue Drones regions. The source, claiming to be an engineer, says their leak was motivated by concern about the poorly-understood technology, which has a record of behaving unpredictably.

Timestamps on the digital documents date the start of the project in YC111, though research missions in the Rogue Drone region had apparently been ongoing for several years prior. Construction is stated to have commenced in several Great Wildlands deadspace pockets during YC114. Eagle's View has told the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that their investigation into the ultimate disposition of the "city ships project" is continuing.

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Death and Taxes Edition
Thukker Tribe Deny Claims of "Militarized City Ship Project Hidden in Drone Regions"


Zainou Biohazard Containment Facility and Aliastra Warehouse stations in Semiki were breached.

Potential Rogue Drone connection. Attack was done with Rogue Drone based virus. Attack may have targeted Rogue Drone tech held in facility.
Potential Triglavian connection. Attack may have targeted Triglavian items held in facility.
Potential Drifter connection. Capsuleers reported unusual Drifter activity in system. CONCORD says "Capsuleer exaggerations and hyperbole do not inform or shape CONCORD policy and are not the subject of this conference."

Potential connection to old storyline Lai Dai Scientist in Coma Following Cybernetic Attack

Initial event: Semiki Zainou Biohazard Containment Compromised; Lai Dai Under Suspicion

Follow up: Semiki Situation Deteriorates; Ishukone Watch Releases Initial Findings

"One of the areas infiltrated by [alleged perpetrator] Steine Vailakkel appears to have been our rogue drone disposal facility, and our experts, as well as consultants from Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries [IKAME], confirm that a great deal of the base code resembles an infectious rogue drone subroutine. However, the subroutine has been extensively modified, and standard countermeasures have proven ineffective,"

Ishukone and CEP Battle SARO in CONCORD Assembly Over Dangerous Research Materials

CONCORD Press Conference on Drifters Disrupted by Shouting Match Between Scope Journalist and Amarr Inner Circle Member

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Billboard Takeover Edition
Semiki Station Networks Undergoing Compartmentalized Purge after Corrupted Remote Sites Cleared

Following successful joint operations in Semiki by the Ishukone Watch and Wiyrkomi Peace Corps to clear a number of in-system remote communications sites and navigation transponder beacons of corruption, a comparmentalized purge of station networks is ongoing. The situation aboard the Aliastra Warehouse and Zainou Biohazard Containment Facility stations has been officially declared "contained" and it is reported that "steady progress is now being made as the process of removal of outstanding malware infection continues". Aliastra Corporation has hailed the co-operation and assistance it received from involved Caldari State corporations as "remarkable and in the best tradition and spirit of the positive relations possible between the Caldari and Gallente peoples".

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Conspiracies Everywhere Edition
Semiki Network Attack "May Have Been a Cover for Intrusion into FIO Data" Claims Whistleblower

Villore, Essence – A powerful network intrusion attack in Semiki was primarily aimed at penetrating a Federal Intelligence Office covert listening post operating out of the Aliastra Warehouse in the system, according to a whistleblower claiming knowledge of the Gallente Federation's investigation into the incident.

"The Caldari side's investigation has focused on the background and apparent motivations of the alleged perpetrator, Steine Vailakkel, and understandably so. But our side immediately focused on the FIO's covert post on the Aliastra station. The word from on high was that any sign of intrusion was to be reported straight up the line. When the investigation uncovered evidence of data-siphons running on the personal implants of FIO staff, all the hells broke loose. The hammer came down on the whole business and the Black Eagles got involved. Everyone on that post has disappeared into a black hole. If you ask me, Vailakkel was a catspaw for someone playing another game entirely."

The Galactic Hour's source has shared confidential data confirming their account via a secure and anonymous data drop. We would like to emphasize that not even Ret Gloriaxx of the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx is aware of the identity of this source.

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Death and Taxes Edition
Federal Senate Holds Closed Oversight Meeting on Semiki; "Investigating FIO Penetration"

Vehkori - Brutor dispute about archeologigal findings

Rare Archeological Find Sparks Inter-Tribal Dispute

Whistleblower Releases Undamaged Manifest in Ndokassi Dispute

Galar-Yu Circle, Ihumanoana Circle, Riri Clan Arrange Compromise in Ndokassi Dispute

Khanid slaver Orlon Zashev

Thebeka Holders Outraged as Paramilitary Forces Accused of Taking Slaves; Notorious Khanid Slaver Arrested

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Billboard Takeover Edition

As the notorious Khanid slaver Orlon Zashev remains at large, following his dramatic escape from Ministry of Internal Order custody on Thebeka III, it has been announced by the office of the Amarr Imperial Chancellor that Royal Heir Arrach Sarum has been appointed as Inspector General of the MIO. Formerly Constable-General of the Police and Border Forces under Empress Jamyl I, Lord Sarum has been given a mandate by Empress Catiz I to "conduct a root and branch inquisition into recent failings of Her Imperial Majesty's Ministry of Internal Order."

The Order of St. Tetrimon has confirmed that it is investigating the Orlon Zashev escape under its mandate to "investigate and rectify disaffection and heresy" among slave populations in the Amarr Empire after allegations of infiltration by Angel Cartel or Minmatar Republic agents. The role was conferred upon the Tetrimon Order by Empress Catiz I to relieve an overstretched MIO as a series of slave revolts took place across the Amarr Empire. Observers of Imperial politics suggest that the Orlon Zashev incident has sparked an internal dispute within the Empire's upper echelons that may have been brewing for some time.

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Impending Invasion? Edition
[AUCTION] Slaver for sale: Orlon Zashev Notorious Khanid Slaver Auctioned by Thukker Bounty Hunters

Orlon Zashev, a notorious Khanid slaver wanted by authorities in both the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic, has reportedly been captured by a Thukker bounty hunter group and is currently being auctioned to the highest bidder via GalNet. The Seykal Clan "headhunter", Sesli Ashok, claims that Zashev was captured by her group due to carelessness on his part. Amazingly, the former colonel in the Khanid Royal Uhlans, alleged war criminal and long-time slaver has proven to be ISK-poor and is the subject of a Republic Justice Department bounty of 500m ISK that Ashok described as "not all that" and "a bit low". Ashok and her group instead opted to auction their bounty target to the highest bidder and have apparently received bids from a variety of interested parties associated with Amarr and Minmatar factions. The auction remains active until the stroke of midnight Monday evening.

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Conspiracies Everywhere Edition
Criminal Conspiracy Alleged as Amarr Capsuleers meet with Thukker Renegades and Khanid Slaver

D85-VD, Syndicate – The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has been passed imaging data that purports to show a meeting held earlier this week between a number of Amarr Empire-aligned capsuleers, an alleged Thukker renegade group and the notorious Khanid slaver Orlon Zashev. Apparently held on the Intaki Bank Vault station in the D85-VD system of Syndicate region, the meeting is alleged by the Galactic Hour's source to be evidence of "a criminal conspiracy by liberal capsuleers to overturn the order of Holy Amarr in conjunction with Thukker renegades and a wanted criminal."

Amarr Capsuleers Meeting with Thukker Renegades and Khanid Slaver

The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has been able to authenticate the image despite some adjustments evidently intended to obscure the presence of one person in the system. Public routing data and locator agents on contract to the Galactic Hour's award-winning investigative team have confirmed that a number of the persons shown in the imaging data were present in the D85-VD system on or about YC121-05-14, the day it is claimed the meeting took place. The Scope's source has claimed that the parties present left separately despite this meeting potentially being related to a public auction of Orlon Zashev for bounty by the Seykal Expeditionary Group's Sesli Ashok.

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Invaders from the Abyss Edition
Republic Justice Department Opens Investigation Into Seykal Clan Over Wanted Slaver Orlon Zashev

Archeologigal finds on Caldari Prime

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Billboard Takeover Edition
With major clearance and environmental recovery work still ongoing in the CN Shiigeru titan crash zone of the Kaalakiota Peaks region of Caldari Prime, the Ishukone Corporation has repeated its confirmation that significant archaeological findings are likely but has noted that the dig is in early stages. "It's a little too soon to say more about what we're looking at in the crash zone but I can say that the Shiigeru's fall may have uncovered something remarkable," said Kuuoso Akimora of Ishukone's Cultural Capital Preservation division.

Capital punishment in Gallente Federation

Senator Suvio Bellaron Proposes Total Ban on Capital Punishment

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Billboard Takeover Edition Senator Suvio Bellaron's bill to ban capital punishment in the Gallente Federation has received a boost as the Federal Senate has moved it out of committee and tabled it for legislative debate by the full senate. The bill is gaining support within the Federation but observers believe the debate and voting will be close fought as federal factions opposed to change are joined by politicians representing constituent polities and states of the Federation that maintain the death penalty.

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Semiotic Shenanigans Edition
Public Debate on Death Penalty Spills Over Into Violence as Senate Procedure Stalls Bill

In the Gallente Federation, the slow passage of the "Bellaron Bill" aiming to outlaw capital punishment has allowed a substantial public debate on the death penalty to develop on most Gallente worlds. Senator Suvio Bellaron's bill was tabled for debate by the full Federal Senate but has been held up as procedural wrangles have resulted in it moving up and down the Senate schedule. Meanwhile, proponents of the bill accuse special interests from constituent states that retain the death penalty of using "dirty tricks". Last night, a rally to support the measure was held in the center of Clovis, the main federal city on Chandeille, but broke up in violent scenes as pro-death penalty groups clashed with rallygoers. Dr. Arturio Kiervalan, speaking at the rally on behalf of Aidonis Medical, told the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that, "I've seen political violence in many places, such as when I served in refugee camps in the Minmatar Republic, but it's especially sad to see it in the Federation. It won't stop this movement though. The end of capital punishment is coming."

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Capsuleer Day YC121 Edition
Chaotic Scenes as Reborn Senator Assaults Suvio Bellaron

Villore – In extraordinary scenes, just before the Federal Senate convened for debate this morning, Senator Nakula Chattarak punched Senator Suvio Bellaron in the face, breaking his nose and sending him tumbling down the auditorium stairs. Senator Chattarak is a Reborn Intaki representing the Intaki system subdistrict and is Suvio's junior by several decades. When Senate gendarmes approached the two to restrain them from further hostilities, Senator Chattarak excused himself from Senate business for the day. Chaos ensued as Bellaron's supporters shouted for the gendarmes to restrain Chattarak, over the loud objections and wild gesticulations of opponents. Order was restored after Bellaron requested his faction to return to their places.

Senator Bellaron brushed off the affair as "a professional disagreement" and declined to file charges against Chattarak. "I'd rather not distract from the important ongoing discussions any more than Senator Chattarak already has," he commented. After the assault, Senate debate centered around a directive bill Bellaron had previously submitted to the floor, dedicated to abolishing capital punishment at the Federal level and imposing strict guidelines for its administration at lower levels of governance. Early debate has suggested senators from Essence, Verge Vendor, Sinq Laison, and Placid are receptive to his proposal, though observers were surprised when other Reborn senators presented strong arguments against the legislation. No further violence interrupted the session.

Political play over system in Khanid Kingdrom

Senator Suvio Bellaron Proposes Total Ban on Capital Punishment
Remote Amarr System of Anath Subjected to Massive Blood Raider Attacks as Royal Khanid Navy Relieves Devastated Colonies

The Anath system in the Amarr Empire's frontier region of Aridia is reported to have suffered major raiding of its population by Omir Sarikusa's Blood Raider Covenant. On the basis of information from Royal Khanid Navy forces relieving the Amarr colonies in the border system of Anath, it has been established that the subsurface colony town of Ca'lik'bar on Anath II was totally depopulated by the first wave of Blood Raiders. Other self-contained colony towns and cities on the barren world of Anath II fared similarly according to initial reports. Colonies on the temperate world of Anath IV were also attacked, and allegedly bombed with chemical weapons using the "Deathglow" hallucinogen. Casualty reports from Anath IV are still coming and the RKN has established a security cordon in conjunction with the Imperial Navy's 7th Fleet.

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Semiotic Shenanigans Edition

The Amarr Imperial Court is reported to be the scene of a growing legal wrangle between House Khanid and two vassal families of House Kador over the disputed Fabai constellation at the Aridia border with the Khanid Kingdom. Recent events in Anath system, which involved Royal Khanid Navy forces relieving the system from a devastating Blood Raider attack, put a spotlight on the weak security presence provided by responsible holder houses. In point of fact, the title of Holder of Fabai has been the subject of a seven-year legal tustle between House Jakad and House Pashtim at the court of the Royal Heir House of Kador. The two vassal houses of the Kador family are now alleged by House Khanid to have neglected the security of Fabai while arguing over the holdership of the constellation. A source in the Amarr Imperial Navy's 7th Fleet has exclusively revealed to the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that the Khanid claims are not without basis, with the 7th Fleet having to "constantly fill in gaps in the patrol schedule that is supposed to be maintained by the local house fleets."

Amarr legal observers are divided on whether the Khanid writ of destraint will prevail but note that House Kador itself has directed all its efforts in Aridia into the Mayonhen constellation, and may be vulnerable to a transfer of the primary fief of Fabai to meet obligations under Imperial law. Aga-Count Alar Chakaid, a key party in the Khanid case, reflected on the relief of Anath and continuing instability in Fabai, "It was a tragic scene, particularly on Anath II, but my own Royal Uhlans and the Navy did what we could. Fabai is a valued neighboring territory for us in the Kingdom, and my own home of Zirsem is a but a few jumps away. So you can understand the horror with which we view the Blooder incursions, and the contempt we feel for those who, even after that vile raid, could not be troubled to prevent opportunistic Minmatar terrorists and Ammatar traitors from exploiting the situation! It is clear that under Khanid protection Fabai would be safer and more prosperous."

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Invaders from the Abyss Edition
Khanid Nobles Appointed to Theology Council Include Duke Fayez of Youledian and Aga-Count Chakaid of Kahah III

Empires Urge CONCORD Assembly Action on New Eden Defense Fund Proposals
Reports of Khanid Royal Navy Buildup in Alpakian Constellation Ahead of Privy Council Meeting on "Fabai Claim"

Mordu's Legion

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Semiotic Shenanigans Edition
Mordu's Legion has announced that it intends to host and hold a series of exercises in the Intaki and Luminaire systems in the coming weeks. These exercises will involve a number of private military companies, including Condotta Rouvenor, Isuuaya Tactical, Kirkinen Risk Control, Resheph Interstellar Strategy, Villore Sec Ops, and Zumari Force Projection. The annoucement follows on from last month's summit on Intaki Prime, at which Mordu's Legion gathered a number of Caldari and Gallente PMCs to discuss the private military and mercenary contracting sector across the State and Federation.

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Conspiracies Everywhere Edition
Mordu's Legion Organized PMC Exercises Continue on Caldari Prime and Intaki V

Ammatar Mandate

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Semiotic Shenanigans Edition
Order of St. Tetrimon Establishes a Chapter in Ammatar Mandate at Invitation of Lord Arim Ardishapur

Sources at the court of House Ardishapur in Ves-Arkon, Ardishapur Prime IX, have told the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that a new chapter of the Order of St. Tetrimon is being established in the Ammatar Mandate at the invitation of Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur. The new chapter is to be formed around a core of volunteers from the Mother Chapter of the Tetrimon Order and has apparently been given special dispensation to recruit new members from the Ardishapur demesne, which includes key systems in Domain and the entirety of the Derelik region. Rumours also suggest that Lord Ardishapur has given permission for the construction of a fortress-monastery on the planet of Halturzhan in Jarizza system, tasking House Ardishapur's 1st Mandate Redemptionist Brigade to provide engineering and logistical support to the Order of St. Tetrimon.

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Conspiracies Everywhere Edition
Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur Announces Tour of Ammatar Mandate

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Space-Time Conduit Escalation Edition
Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur Holding Audience for Local Dignitaries at Governor's Palace in Tanoo

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Major Conduits Established Edition
Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur Secure as Triglavian Incursion into Ammatar Mandate Beaten Back

Tanoo, Derelik – Lord Arim Ardishapur, the Royal Heir of House Ardishapur and Holder of Derelik, has issued a statement assuring "All Holders, Common Peoples and Servants of House Ardishapur" of his personal safety despite the recent Triglavian incursion into the San Matar constellation of Derelik, the most populated area and administrative core of the Ammatar Mandate. Reports issued by the Governor's Palace on Tanoo II outline the successful defense of primary installations in space, together with all population centers in the widely scattered mining colonies of the constellation.

Lord Ardishapur's statement included a note of "most profound gratitude to all those who took part in the defense of San Matar, including our loyal capsuleers and any others who stood for human civilization and dignity against the inhuman threat posed by the invaders." The Governor's Palace issued notices of commendation to a number of Ammatar Fleet and auxiliary units, including the 1st Consular Guards Squadron, 3rd Tanoo Fleet Reserve Wing, 9th Sasta Fleet Combat Regiment, and the 1st Mandate Redemptionist Brigade. A formal notice of gratitude was also delivered to the Derelik Chapter of the Order of St. Tetrimon.

Local Ammatar news organizations are also reporting that Lord Ardishapur intends to make a "major announcement" at the culmination of his inspection tour of the Mandate.


The Krusual Tribe activated their old defences before the Blood Raiders attacked. Suspected to have known about the attack beforehand.

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Invaders from the Abyss Edition
Krusual Tribal Leadership Refuses to Comment on Rumors of Tronhadar Valley Fortresses Being Reactivated

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Space-Time Conduit Escalation Edition
Blood Raider Attack on Matar Staged from FOBs in Evannater Constellation; Atgur Mining Operations Also Raided

Matar, Pator – The coast of Mikramurka on Matar has been struck by a vicious assault by the Blood Raider Covenant, with the seaport of Sundsele especially badly hit according to reports. The Blood Raider strike force is believed to have staged out of forward operating bases in the Evannater constellation. Mining installations in the Atgur system have also been struck by the Blood Raiders, with the cultist pirates apparently taking advantage of mobilization and redeployment movements of local Republic Fleet elements.

The coastal zone of the Mikramurka continent is reported to have been saturated with "Deathglow" missiles, particularly at key locations such as the bustling and popular seaport and resort of Sundsele. Casualty reports are suggesting several thousand dead and injured at least. Unconfirmed reports indicate the Blood Raiders took a number of people captive. It is unclear what the motive for this assault could be, although there is some suggestion that the Raiders, like Sansha's Nation may be trying to bolster their numbers. If reports that the Raiders were primarily targeting teenage children are accurate, this is a sinister and tragic twist amidst the chaos of the Triglavian invasion.

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Major Conduits Established Edition
Krusual Tribe Condemn "Vile Slanders" Suggesting Advance Knowledge of Blood Raider Attack on Mikramurka Coast

Galactic Hour News Roundup: World Ark Aftermath Edition
Khumatar Allek Berialsh Inspects Matar Orbital Defenses; No Comment on Tronhadar Free Guard Deployments

Pator, Heimatar – Matar's newly-drafted Planetary Security Co-ordinator, Khumatar Allek Berialsh has completed a preliminary inspection of the planet's orbital defense network amidst an atmosphere of increasing controversy over the circumstances of the recent attack on the coastal zone of the Mikramurka region by Blood Raiders.

In particular, questions have been raised over the Krusual Tribe's re-activation of their mountain fortresses and underground bunkers shortly before the attack took place, though these have been angrily rejected by the Krusual as "insulting conspiracy theories." Despite the Krusual Tribe's dismissal of those questions, the news that units of the Tronhadar Free Guard were deployed for cold-weather warfare training in an undisclosed area of Mikramurka tundra has breathed new life into the brewing tribal dispute.

Mikramurka clans and the locally-dominant Sebiestor Tribe have also expressed some disquiet at the swift appointment of Khumatar Berialsh, despite his connections to the Sebiestor and the late Chief Karin Midular. Though none will admit it publicly, the fact that Berialsh chose to leave the Sebiestor and join the returned Starkmanir Tribe under tribal adoption provisions has caused a number of clan elders in the Mikramurka region to express private dismay that he should be appointed in the aftermath of their local tragedy.

Empires Urge CONCORD Assembly Action on New Eden Defense Fund Proposals
Chief Acassa Midular of Sebiestor Tribe Formally Insists on "Sundsele Six" Facing Trial by Tribal Peers
Unrest in Mikramurka Region Subsiding as Sebiestor Clan Chiefs Appeal for Tribe to Support Chief Midular

BREAKING: CONCORD Assembly Passes Tax and Brokerage Increases to Bolster New Eden Defense Fund
"Sundsele Six" Handed Back to Sebiestor Tribe as Jurisdiction in Case Affirmed by Tribal Council

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Death and Taxes Edition
BREAKING: "Sundsele Six" Missing after Terrorist Attack on Sebiestor Tribal Marshals Convoy Leaves Three Dead

Matar, Pator — A "terrorist attack" on a Sebiestor Tribal Marshals convoy has killed three marshals and apparently resulted in the kidnapping, or escape from custody, of the so-called "Sundsele Six", a group of defense officials from the Mikramurka region under suspicion of negligence or sabotage following a recent Blood Raider attack on the Sundsele urban coastal zone of the Northern continent of Matar.

Although reports are confused, it appears that the Sebiestor marshals took charge of the Sundele Six this morning, following their arrival on a secure RSS flight into the Dovkat Airport south of Sundsele proper. A convoy of Tribal Marshals vehicles carrying the prisoners was apparently in transit along the stretch of the Snow-Eater Road between Dovkat and Sundsele when they were assaulted by a heavily-armed force.

One report has stated that the Snow-Eater Road was blocked by an overturned road-train, forcing the convoy to slow and attempt to pass by the highway's hard shoulder. The lead and rear vehicles of the convoy were disabled by rocket-propelled grenades while the prisoner transport was passing the road-train. An eye-witness has stated that masked "terrorists" then assaulted the transport and seized the six being held within. The three dead Sebiestor marshals are understood to have been killed in the RPG strikes on their vehicles. Several more marshals are seriously injured and a number of bystanders are suffering from light shrapnel wounds.

Responding to the news, Khumatar Allek Berialsh, Matar Planetary Security Co-ordinator, said, "This shocking attack clearly has the aim of thwarting the search for truth and justice over the Sundsele attack. Matar Planetary Security will be assisting the Sebiestor Tribe with every means at its disposal." Chief Acassa Midular of the Sebiestor Tribe said, "My thoughts are with the families of our dead and injured Tribal Marshals, and also with those of the six Mikramurka officials who remain innocent in the eyes of the tribe until otherwise shown to be guilty. Sebiestor security and investigative forces are hard at work on the Snow-Eater Road, in Dovkat and in Sundsele. Justice will be done for all those who have suffered from these vile terrorist attacks."

Intaki V

Galactic Hour News Roundup: World Ark Aftermath Edition
Onikanabo Brigade Justifies Intaki V Operations Using Corporate Reparations Provisions in Caldari CEMWPA Zone

Intaki, Placid – The Onikanabo Brigade has issued a formal notice that its mercenary operations on Intaki V are in pursuit of "corporate reparations" in breaking and extraordinary news from the Intaki system. The home system of the Intaki culture is currently within the Caldari-controlled portion of the disputed zone between the Caldate State and Gallente Federation specified by the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act. The Caldari PMC asserts that it is operating on behalf of a client with "well-founded claims to recover reparations from properties and resources linked to certain radical sects of the Ida movement." Reports from Intaki V claim that the Brigade has "sacked a dozen Ida monasteries and burned down a score of attached villages and communal plantations."

The status of Intaki V has regularly been a matter of some uncertainty as control of the Placid region, and Intaki system in particular, has shifted over the long years of the Caldari-Gallente militia conflict. A long-standing, tacit agreement between the Caldari State and Gallente Federation has generally allowed for the Intaki Assembly to maintain its sovereignty and control of Intaki V even during periods where Caldari militia forces have controlled the system itself. The Caldari State's Chief Executive Panel, representing the balance of consensus among the "Big 8" Caldari megacorps, has been content to leave the arrangement undisturbed since the fall of Tibus Heth's Provist regime in YC115. The role of Mordu's Legion in maintaining this situation has undoubtedly been key, as an organization trusted in both the Caldari State and broad sections of Intaki society.

However, the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx understands that Caldari corporate law allows a significant degree of latitude in which the more independent corporations can in principle operate when the system is under State control as part of a war zone. Despite this, it is thought unlikely that even such an organization as the Onikanabo Brigade would take the step of forcibly seizing properties and resources on Intaki V without the backing of at least one megacorporation. For its part, the Ishukone megacorporation, which has long maintained a major interest and investment in the system, has signalled its intention to challenge the Onikanabo Brigade's use of corporate reparations provisions as justification for seizures and related operations on Intaki V.

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Drifter Destruction in Nullsec Edition
Ishukone Challenges Onikanabo Brigade Actions on Intaki V at Caldari Business Tribunal

Maurasi, The Forge – The Ishukone Corporation has entered a formal complaint over the actions of the Onikanabo Brigade on Intaki V. Ishukone are seeking a lien to freeze Onikanabo transports and materiel still present on the planet, pending a judgment for relief on the basis that the Brigade's "corporate reparations" operations harmed the megacorporation's interests on Intaki V.

Special Corporate Counsel Majima Umokka appeared for Ishukone and entered the petition for relief before the CBT's Panel of Receivers for the "Placid Conflict Zone Franchise System." Special Counsel Umokka also attached several corporate ethics violations charges against the Onikanabo Brigade and "any clients, partners or sponsors as yet unknown and unspecified who are party to their gross criminality and abuse of corporate law." As the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has reported, the Brigade is said to have "sacked a dozen Ida monasteries and burned down a score of attached villages and communal plantations."

The Onikanabo Brigade has not responded to the complaint or charges made by Ishukone Corporation. Latest reports from Intaki V indicate that the Brigade's convoys from the areas it allegedly raided have stopped, and its forces have withdrawn behind fortified positions surrounding the occupied Kainta Yavaat Transorbital Launch Facility.

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Lights Going Out Across New Eden Edition
Lai Dai Protection Service Pursuing "Corporate Interests in Conflict Zone" on Intaki V

Intaki, Placid – Over a week after its troops were reported to have landed on Intaki V, the Lai Dai Protection Service (LDPS) has released a statement claiming that its "203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment is engaged in operations in pursuit of Lai Dai corporate interests in the Placid Conflict Zone." This statement coincided with a formal response to the Caldari Business Tribunal after reports of the LDPS landings at the Kainta Yavaat Transorbital Launch Facility on the Intaki homeworld were brought before it by Ishukone Corporation.

The Kainta Yavaat facility is currently occupied by forces of the Onikanabo Brigade, following its own "corporate reparations" operations on Intaki V. The arrival of the 203rd CAP Regiment's large contingent of mechanized infantry and armor, supported by aerospace fighters, has aroused fears that further depredations against Intaki property are envisaged by the combined Lai Dai and Onikanabo force. The Ishukone Corporation has formally requested that its petition before the CBT against the Onikanabo Brigade be extended to include the LDPS as a defendant party.

Fears of a serious conflict breaking out on Intaki V have been heightened by reports of numerous mercenary units moving into positions around the Kainta Yavaat facility. Additionally, the Intaki Assembly's own planetary militia has been reported to be mobilizing reserves and deploying to positions that are speculated to be of interest to the LDPS/OB forces. Capsuleer organizations with Caldari and Intaki interests have also held an "Intaki Security Summit" in an initiative welcomed by the Intaki Assembly and the Ishukone Corporation.

DED and AEGIS Leadership Propose New Eden Defense Fund at Inner Circle War Council
Lai Dai Protection Service Forces Raid Monasteries and Medical Research Facilities on Intaki V
Onikanabo Brigade Reportedly Engages Intaki Militia and Condotta Rouvenor Troops in Support of LDPS

DED and AEGIS Leadership Propose New Eden Defense Fund at Inner Circle War Council
Quafe Corporation Joins Ishukone Case Against Onikanabo Brigade and Lai Dai Over Intaki V Crisis
Condotta Rouvenor Troops Covering Intaki Militia Retreat to Positions Secured by Isuuaya Tactical PMC
Mordu's Legion Secures Communications of Navyii Akat as Intaki Assembly Holds Conference with Federal Senate

BREAKING: CONCORD Assembly Passes Tax and Brokerage Increases to Bolster New Eden Defense Fund
Lai Dai Corporation Accuses Quafe of Hiring PMCs on Intaki V and "Interference in Caldari Corporate Sovereignty"
Ishukone Corporation in Talks with Mordu's Legion, Hyasyoda, Wiyrkomi and Quafe Over Intaki V Crisis
Gallente Senate Issues Formal Protest to CEP Over "Breach of Agreement to Protect Intaki Assembly Sovereignty"

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Death and Taxes Edition
Standoff on Intaki Prime as Lai Dai Refuses to Withdraw Forces from Key Locations

Intaki, Placid – Despite protests from the Intaki Assembly, Federal Senate and Mordu's Legion, the Lai Dai Protection Service (LDPS) has refused to withdraw its forces from several locations on Intaki Prime. In legal filings at the Caldari Business Tribunal, Lai Dai representatives confirmed that the Onikanabo Brigade (OB) private military company is operating on the planet under contract with the megacorporation.

The fifth planet of the Intaki system, and ancestral homeworld of the large and influential Intaki diaspora, has been the scene of low-intensity conflict since the Onikanabo Brigade and LDPS began operations there almost two months ago. The threat of serious warfighting was at its highest levels when OB and LDPS forces broke out of fortified positions at the Kainta Yavaat Transorbital Launch Facility in the foothills of the Northern Akat Mountains. Their subsequent sweep through Ida monasteries and attached research centers in the region brought them into conflict with units of the Intaki Assembly's militia.

Serious fighting was avoided as the overmatched Intaki militia units were forced to retreat south to secured zones around the Intaki administrative capital of Navyii Akat. Units of the Condotta Rouvenor and Isuuaya Tactical PMCs are reported to have established a defensive line around Navyii Akat, while Mordu's Legion has confirmed it has deployed freshly-arrived troops at positions defending Lenoika, the largest city of Intaki Prime and the cultural capital of the planet.

Reports of heavily-defended LDPS convoys moving back and forth between Kainta Yavaat and a number of locations in the Northern Akat Mountains have been independently confirmed by CONCORD conflict monitors. Colonel Aina Yuminoro of the LDPS 203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment issued a statement declaring her unit's operations to be "in accordance with Caldari State corporate law and principles of reclamation from conflict zones and territorial possessions of the Caldari people."

The LDPS appear to be anticipating a lengthy stay as Kainta Yavaat's defenses were reportedly augmented last night with detachments of LDC-ISU-8-118 "Orochi" self-propelled multiple rocket launchers and LDC-SOMA-303 "Itsumade" anti-aerospace missile batteries.

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