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Medal box

UNIGradMedal.PNG This medal is presented to those who have demonstrated detailed understanding of the nuances and mechanics of capsule piloting. It denotes that the holder has spent a term of not less than three months within Eve University and is able to embark competently on their own adventures in New Eden, as well as signifying they have demonstrated a commitment to their fellow pilots. Its inscription reads: Per Eruditio, Vis - 'Through Knowledge, Power'
ContentCreator.png This medal is presented to members of EVE University who have consistently provided content for other members. With this medal we recognise their efforts in making EVE University a better place for members.
ServiceMedalof Excellence.png This medal is awarded to those members of EVE University who have selflessly devoted their personal time towards those staff positions responsible for the day to day operations of the corporation. Without their tireless efforts, the University could not function.

Ribbon-Freshman.png Freshman - Hold the Freshman title in game.
Ribbon-Sophomore.png Sophomore - Hold the Sophomore title in game.
Graduate.jpg Graduate - Be awarded the Graduate Medal in game.
Ribbon-Podded.png Close Call - Avoid destruction while your ship is on fire (has structure damage).
Ribbon-Close Call.png Close Call - Avoid destruction while your ship is on fire (has structure damage).
Ribbon-Basic.png Podded - Get podded 20 times. You probably should set up a podsaver tab.
Ribbon-Solo Killer.png One Man Army - Get 20 solo ship kills. (and no, FFA and events do not count)
Ribbon-DS Participant.png Order of the Navy Megathron – Participate in a Dragonslayer (a fleet hunting capital ships) which resulted in a slay.
Ribbon-WSpace.png Into the Unknown - Participate in a Uni organized POS bash in w-space.
Ribbon-Singularity.png Bug Hunter - Participate in three or more CCP mass tests.
Ribbon-LiveEvent.png Fight the Man - Participate in a CCP live event.
Ribbon-Epic Pirate.png Yaaar - Complete both Guristas and Angel Epic Arcs.
Ribbon-Epic Amarr.png Right to Rule - Complete the Amarr Epic Arc.
Ribbon-Epic Caldari.png Penumbra - Complete the Caldari Epic Arc.
Ribbon-Epic Gallente.png Syndication - Complete the Gallente Epic Arc.
Ribbon-Epic Minmatar.png Wildfire - Complete the Minmatar Epic Arc.
Sightseeing and Events
Tourist 4th Class - Visit 5 tourist points
Tourist 4th Class - Visit 10 tourist points
Tourist 4th Class - Visit 15 tourist points
Tourist 4th Class - Visit 20 tourist points
Ribbon-EVEGate.png Pilgrim - Visit the EVE Gate.
Ribbon-Poitot.png Postcard - Visit Poitot and ask someone else in local if they knew that Poitot is the only named system in the Syndicate region?
Skills and Other
Ribbon-Logistics.png Brother - Fly all race’s logistics cruisers and have the logistics skill trained to V.
Ribbon-Locator.png Nowhere to Hide - Have access to level 4 locator agents in at least 3 corporations and 5 regions.
Ribbon-Minmatar.png Trust in the Rust - Fly all Minmatar subcap T1 ships, T2 frigates and cruisers, T2 tank and all T2 weapon systems.
Ribbon-NSVoyager.png Nullsec Voyager - Travel through nullsec, entering through one system, and leaving through a different one.
Ribbon-WHVoyager.png Wormhole Voyager - Scan down and travel into w-space, through it, and exit into a different k-space system
Ribbon-Basic.png Basic Training - Attend a Fleets 101 class (or equivalent), your overview properly set up, and a combat ship ready.



  • Depends on security.


Level 1:

  • Crumbling Serpentis Antiquated Outpost
  • Ruined Sansha Monument Site (c2)

Level 2:

  • Crumbling Serpentis Crystal Quarry (high)
  • Ruined Sansha Temple Site (c2)
  • Ruined Serpentis Temple Site (c2)

Level 3:

  • Crumbling Serpentis Explosive Debris (high)
  • Forgotten Perimeter Gateway (c2)
  • Forgotten Perimeter Habitation Coils (c2)
  • Ruined Sansha Science Outpost (c2)
  • Forgotten Frontier Quarantine Outpost (c3)
  • Forgotten Frontier Recursive Depot ( c3)

Level 4:

  • Crumbling Serpentis Mining Installation (high)

Level 5:


Level 1:

  • Local Serpentis Virus Test Site (high)
  • Local Serpentis Mainframe (high)

Level 2:

  • Local Serpentis Data Processing Center (high)
  • Central Serpentis Survey Site (c2)

Level 3:

  • Ghost sites
  • Regional Serpentis Data Mining Site (low)
  • Central Serpentis Data Mining Site (c2)
  • Unsecured Perimeter Transponder Farm (c2)
  • Unsecured Frontier Database (c3)

Level 4:

  • Local Serpentis Minor Shipyard (high)
  • Limited Sleeper Cache (high)
  • Standard Sleeper Cache (high)

Level 5:

  • Superior Sleeper Cache (high)


Level 1:

  • Serpentis Narcotic Warehouses (high)
  • Serpentis Hideout (high)
  • Phi-outpost (low)
  • Rogue Drone Asteroid Infestation (high)
  • Haunted Yard (high)
  • Desolate Site (high)

Level 2:

  • Phi-outpost (high)
  • Hydroponics (low)
  • Serpentis Watch (high)
  • Chemical Yard (high)

Level 3:

  • Serpentis Vigil (high)
  • DED 6 (low)

Level 4:

Level 5:


Level 1:

  • K162 (?)
  • A641 (high-high)

Level 2:

  • X720 (high->c3)
  • Unidentified wormhole (drifter system ->)
  • A239 (c2 ->)

Level 3:

Level 4:

Level 5:


Level 1:

  • Calabash Nebula (low)
  • Minor Perimeter Reservoir (c2)
  • Token Perimeter Reservoir (c3)

Level 2:

  • Glass Nebula (low)

Level 3:

  • chemical lab
  • phoenix nebula

Level 4:

  • Core runner exile

Level 5:



DED complex:




eve survival


CMB site stuff

Spawn table

Hauler 1 x Industrial alvin Target painting
Frigate 1 x Frigate coreli Target Painter
Elite Frigate 1 x Elite Frigate shadow Target Painter Tracking Disruptor
Overseer Frigate 1 x Overseer Frigate joku Energy Neutralizer
Commander Frigate 1 x Commander Frigate
Destroyer 1 x Destroyer
Commander Destroyer 1 x Commander Destroyer
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser
Storyline Mission Cruiser 1 x Storyline Mission Cruiser
Elite Cruiser 1 x Elite Cruiser
Overseer Cruiser 1 x Overseer Cruiser
Commander Cruiser 1 x Commander Cruiser
Battlecruiser 1 x Battlecruiser
Battleship 1 x Battleship
Commander Battleship 1 x Commander Battleship
Overseer Battleship 1 x Overseer Battleship
Sentry 1 x Sentry

Math stuff

Variables and constants

v = velocity(m/s)

v_t = transversal velocity

v_r = radial velocity

v_max = max velocity (m/s)

t = time (s)

I = inertia modifier

M = mass (kg)



Velocity at time t

v(t)=v_max * (1-exp( (-t*10^6)/(I*M) ))

time to velocity v

t = -I * M * 10^-6 * ln(1 - v/v_max)

Ships warp out after reaching 75% of their max velocity. From this it is easy to calculate time to warp for stationary ship.

time to warp = -I * M * 10^-6 * ln(0.25)

\omega = v_t * r



Effective standing

E = effective standing

B = base standing

S = diplomacy/criminal connections/connections level

E = 10 − (10-B) × (1 - 0.04 × S)

Increase in base standing

i = increase (decimal form)

L = Level in social

dB = i*( 10-B+L(0.2-0.05*B) )



ChanceToHit = 0.5 ^ ((((Transversal speed/(Range to target * Turret Tracking))*(Turret Signature Resolution / Target Signature Radius))^2) + ((max(0, Range To Target - Turret Optimal Range))/Turret Falloff)^2)

The chance to hit value is comared to random value X∈[0,1]. If X<ChanceToHit the shot hits.

X also determines damage of the shot.

Damage of the shot = BaseDamage*(X+0.5)


D = base damage

S = signature radius

E explosion radius

v_e = Explosion velocity

v_t = target velocity

drf = damage reduction factoro

Damage = D * min( 1, S/E, ((S*V_e)/(E*Vt))^(ln(drf)/ln(5.5)) )