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Serpenti's Coil



"The Serpent's Coil is at once one of the most exotic and most dangerous of all space locations in the vast world of EVE. It is currently inhabited by agents of the Serpentis Corporation, which use the place as a gathering point for smugglers and raiders alike. At the heart of the Serpent's Coil lies a ruined military installation. This military base was constructed by the Gallente Federation during the Gallente-Caldari War to defend against marauding Caldari ships. After the war the strategic importance of the base diminished and it was eventually abandoned. The base is ringed by huge rock boulders the size of mountains. These magnificent boulders broke off a comet traversing the Vilinnon system long time ago and today they stand proud in their protection of the most audacious Serpentis base around."

Derelict Remains of Long Time Ago



The Legend's Trial



"The famous dueling tournament, 'The Legends Trial', has moved to PPG-XC, to escape various expenses associated with having its tournament inside Federation space. Also by staging the tournament here, it can choose from a larger variety of competitors, such as criminals and members of outlaw organizations which would be immediately arrested in Federation space.

The Legends Trial is a popular show on Federation TV, it is broadcasted to billions of screens across many regions. Huge money is at stake, and gambling on the events is extremely popular. It is therefore not surprising that various criminal networks are working hard to 'influence' the outcome of the show and rig fights. The organizers of the Legends Trials have hired a sizable mercenary fleet to protect its assets, but even so it has become extremely vulnerable to pirate meddling, especially due to its new location outside of the protective embrace of Federation space. Certainly a freelance merc pilots dream come true. "

May be in space

Arnher, Metropolis – Abandoned CRC Relay Station

The station was dedicated to a long-standing member of the ISD, who volunteered as a part of the community management service from 2005. In addition to the monitoring site, the player’s wreckage remains. Long ago when EVE was a smaller and tighter community, CCP often did things to commemorate players. Planets were named after champions, and whole systems were named after devs. This site is a continuation of that tradition.

Some agents in space

Tevis Jak

Agent: Tevis Jak
The Blood-Stained Stars agent

Lear Evanus

Agent: Lear Evanus
The Blood-Stained Stars agent

Unmarked Operation

DED 1/10
Agent: Mourmarie Mone
Syndication low sec route agent.

Impetus Tolle Studio

DED 4/10
Agent: Gian Parele
Syndication agent

Nugoeihuvi Information Centre

DED 1/10
Penumbra starting location.

Roineron Aviviere

Syndicationstarting agent.

Brutor Tribe Community Area

Arsten Takalo

Krusual Mobile Library

Tanoo Agent: Hiva Shesha Wildfire

Karde Romu, MIO Agent

Karde Romu
Right to Rule

Miyan Security Forces

Riff Hebian


constellation: E-8CSQ

Many sites.

The Caldari State have found something significant in G5ED-Y. The State military has set up a huge base of operations in that system, and its presence there is thick as sour milk. The Guristas on the other hand are extremely curious as to what their arch nemesis has discovered, and have set up many bases in the surrounding systems to oversee reconnaissance missions into G5ED-Y. A division from the Serpentis has also been sent to the constellation on behalf of the Smuggler Cartel, led by the infamous Black Jack.

Constellation: 760-9C

"Rumor has it that the infamous Thukker warlord, Martokar Alash, was last seen in the constellation 760-9C. He apparently fled his homeland after Republic authorities threatened an invasion should he not be extradited into their hands. It is believed that he has become involved in the booster smuggling business, working alongside the Angel Cartel.

Martokar's previous crimes include the murder of CONCORD officers, kidnapping and sale of Republic citizens into slavery. Investigators also blamed him for managing a large criminal network inside the Republic territories, which had direct links to the Angel Cartel. And although it is common knowledge that the Thukker Tribe leadership has strong ties to the Cartel, Dulinar Nerhoger, chief of intelligence in the Republic Justice Department, believes that Martokar's crimes are grave enough to warrant special attention. He advises all travelers venturing into 760-9C to keep an eye out for Martokar, he is considered extremely dangerous. "