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Joshua Visteen

Keep a Diary? Come On, Man

The med clone brains insisted. They tell me that recording my thoughts like this somehow helps with the process. I've already died a couple of times, and I hate dropping into a new clone. I get violently ill for days afterwards. The brains assure me the latest models don't have that issue, just so long as I write in my little diary here. Yeah, right. It isn't like the med clones will ever come with any sort of money back guarantee. Well, whatever, maybe it'll help, here goes.

Licensed to Fly

I got my pilot license in June of 2012. My family wasn't too happy about it. I was supposed to become a minister, like my father before me. My head was always in and above the clouds, though.

Deepari Days

The Amarr higher ups shipped me off to Deepari before I knew what was happening. I was doubting my path, at least until I left station for the first time. It was in that moment I realized I was doing what I was born to do.

Tutorial Island

I got straight to work. The career agents were most helpful and mostly gentle. Although, I do recall the advanced battle career agent being a bit rough around the edges.

Market Minow

I was broke, relatively. This bothered me greatly. Whenever I'd link up with my family back home, my father made little effort to hide his disgust for my "muck and mire" living conditions.

It was after one of these nastier family link ups that I decided, then and there, I was going to make it. Space was going to have to wait for a little while. I'd show my father.

The First Wandering

Josh considered various paths.

Research, Really?

Research wait times in and around Deepari were horrific.

Manufacturing, Meh

For reasons partially relating to the research issue previously mentioned, Josh decided to delay any manufacturing adventures.

Tacklin' Trade

Josh clumsily invaded the regional "Infrared S" markets. Not long after that, he struck oil with skill book trading.

Massive Missions and First Contact with EUNI

After cashing in for a bit on skill books, Josh decided to ramp up into the Blood Stained Stars epic arc. Simultaneously, he started to research corporations in earnest.

Yes, They Will Do Nicely

Josh first caught wind of the galaxy-renowned Eve University.

Mission Madness

Josh slogged through more of the endless, epic arc.

Back to School!

Josh applied for and was accepted into Eve University!

Fleets For All

Josh signed up for many fleets and relocated to Aldrat.

New World Noobs on Patrol

His first fleet operation was a NWNoP run.

Low Sec Camp

Not long after that, Josh ventured forth into a couple of LSC fleets.

Blood Stained Stars

All the while, Josh set aside time to wrap up the Sisters of Eve BSS arc.

The Second Wandering

Still drunk from fleet victories, Josh made it a goal to study deeply the arts of ship to ship combat.


Josh knew he'd need much cash for future endeavors. So, he moved to harness the plentiful resources of Solitude.

Skill Books Extraordinaire

Not content with the "limited" markets of Solitude, Josh set out to bring all of contiguous empire space under his skill book business sway.

Reconciliation and Consolidation

Frustrated with excessive travel times, Josh mercilessly contracted his business domain to within Gallente space only. Many workers were fired as Josh's offices in the other empires were either closed or abandoned outright.


  • Frigates


Short Term



  • Shut down planetary interaction operations in Amarr Empire.
  • Start up planetary interaction operations in Gallente Empire.
  • Run level 4 distribution and security missions with Freedom Extension.
  • Increase the frequency with which I join up with corporation mates for the varied fleet operations.

Long Term

Pilot's Log

With this section, I'm just going to try documenting my thoughts from recent game sessions. This will probably be more utility and reference for me than anything else.

October 2012

I've been fairly busy this month. I've been in the University for 4 months now, and I'm actually now contributing to questions other new pilots have. I still have a lot to learn, but it feels like i'm transitioning from complete newb to some other creature. So, that's probably a good thing.

Week 4

  • Did a bunch of work for Freedom Extensions (working on my standings with them).
  • Wrapped up a personal, ratherlucrative mining campaign.
  • Took my first, clumsy steps with planetary interaction. I learned a lot, though.
  • Implemented my newest trading strategy. I buy favorite items region wide. I then sell them in place at fairly solid markups. So far, so good.
  • Made good progress on Blockade Runner skill training.

November 2012

November has been good to me. I've put many miles on my new Prowler. She's made me some nice isk. My Prowler has enabled me to run cargo with a level of security not previously possible.

Cross and I got blapped in Low Sec, but I think that was 2 or 3 weeks ago. So, I guess you'd call that ancient history. The mistakes were obvious and stupid. At least it was a pirate, and not a rat.

Oh, I did lose a Retreiver to some rats prior to the pirate action. The barge incident was just as preventable, regrettably.

Otherwise, I'm now fairly proficient at bookmarking and hauling.

I've set my sights on the Rokh.


My skill training is about 25% complete.

(prices as of 11-27-12)

Hull: 240 million isk

Guns: 24 million isk (3 million isk x 8 turrets)

Web: 152 million isk (76 million isk x 2 webifiers)

Sensor booster: 1 million isk

Ward field: 1 million isk

Invuln field: 2 million isk (1 million isk x 2 fields)

Damage control: 1 million isk

Stabalizer: 2 million isk (1 million isk x 2 stabalizers)

Tracking enhancer: 2 million isk (1 million isk x 2 enhancers)

Reinforcer: 1 million isk

Extender: 32 million isk (16 million isk x 2 extenders)

Shield bots: 1 million isk (rounded up heavily)

Hobgob IIs: 2 million isk (400 thousand isk x 5 hobgobs)

Ammo: 10 million isk

Script: [factored into cost of shield bots]


Rokh Skills Phase 1


Caldari Frigate 3

Caldari Cruiser 4

Caldari Battleship 3

Spaceship Command 4


Small Hybrid Turret 3

Medium Hybrid Turret 3

Large Hybrid Turret 3

Thermodynamics 3


Propulsion Jamming 3

Electronics 4

Navigation 4


Targeting 4

Long Range Targeting 4


Tactical Shield Manipulation 4

Engineering 4


Hull Upgrades 4

Mechanic 3


Weapon Upgrades 4

Gunnery 4


Shield Rigging 1

Jury Rigging 3

Mechanic 3


Repair Drone Operation 1

Drones 5

Drone Durability 3

Shield Emission Systems 3

Engineering 3

Science 2

Scout Drone Operation 5

Gallente Drone Specialization 1


Energy Grid Upgrades 4

Shield Operation 4

Shield Upgrades 4

Tactical Shield Manipulation 4

Shield Management 4

EM Shield Compensation 4

Thermal Shield Compensation 4


Thermodynamics 1

Signature Analysis 4

Multitasking 2

Rokh Skills Phase 2


Caldari Frigate 3

Caldari Cruiser 4

Caldari Battleship 5

Spaceship Command 5


Small Hybrid Turret 3

Medium Hybrid Turret 3

Large Hybrid Turret 5

Weapon Upgrades 5

Advanced Weapon Upgrades 5

Thermodynamics 5


Propulsion Jamming 3

Electronics 5

Navigation 5


Targeting 5

Long Range Targeting 5


Tactical Shield Manipulation 5

Engineering 5