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Sophomore O'b Haru Sen (( ._.)) clumsily working towards eventual graduation...


  • PvE
    • WH multibox day tripping
    • solo WH sleeper sites
    • run Burner missions
    • run COSMOS missions
    • pirate epic arcs
    • L5 missions
    • nomadic nullsec exploration
  • PvP
    • base in Thera
    • solo hunting/ganking in a stealth bomber
    • T2 fleet Logi
    • run links
    • solo PvP in losec, hunt in plexes
    • try FW (on alt)
    • fleet scout in losec
    • combat scanning
  • E-Uni
    • missions 101
    • missions 201: L4 epic arcs, burner, COSMOS
    • New Eden page/class based on A Traveler's Guide To New Eden.pptx
    • class recording with slides video

WHC Scanning Cheat Sheet

  • scan down new signature
  • recall probes
  • if wormhole: warp to 10km
  • bookmark hole as "MARK [SIG]"
  • remember wormhole ID "ID->"
  • jump through wormhole
  • dscan, if camped: warp back
  • add system to mapper as "NAME", "ID->", "<-ID"
  • (move away from hole and) cloak
  • check WH status via "Get Info"
  • bookmark hole as "MARK"
  • make 2 safespots A and B
  • in safespot B: start probes, cloak, warp to A
  • scan down signature
  • add signature to mapper
  • add signature bookmark





F1 (1st in F-chain)

B/G1 (1st in G-chain from Bacon)

B/G2 (2nd G-chain from Bacon)

B2N (Nullsec from Bacon)

BA/D1 (1st in D-chain from A from Bacon)


.Bacon [] (in Innuendo)

.Eggs [] (in Innuendo)

.F1 [] (in Innuendo)

Rolling Eggs @ 200 (in Innuendo)

Rolling Bacon @ 200 (in Innuendo)

  • Eggs [] (in Eggs)
  • Bacon [] (in Bacon)

.B/G1 [] (in Bacon)

.B2N [] (in Bacon)

Cargo Containers

  1. REDIRECT Containers



Containers are objects used to store other objects in a station, a ship or in space. They come in a variety of forms: cargo and station containers, different sizes, with and without password protection and audit logging. All but the station containers can be launched from a ship and secure containers can be anchored in space. Also whenever an item from a ship's cargo is jettisoned, an ad hoc "jetcan" cargo container is created. Containers can be used to

  • sort objects in stations into named categories,
  • for restricting resource access to certain members in a corporation,
  • as an in-space advertisement,
  • to minimize hauling runs during mining by "mining into a can" (either with Jetcans or Giant Secure Containers),
  • as a deep space supply depot for ammunition and charges,
  • for "can-baiting" unassuming capsuleers into shooting them, thus making them a suspect and easily gankable (this is griefing and not allowed in E-Uni),
  • to increase cargo space (some containers are bigger on the inside),
  • for de-cloaking cloaked ships at tactically important locations.

In space they have a life time of about 2 hours if they are not anchored and 30 days for anchored secure containers.

  • jet-canning:
    a miner jettisoning the mined ore into space creating an object labeled "Cargo Container" in-game but called Jettison Container or jetcan here for clarity. This jetcan has 27500 m3 capacity and can be filled up while mining and hauled to station later. This reduces hauling time for solo miners or lets a miner easily cooperate with a dedicated hauler in a mining op. However it also risks loosing the ore to anybody who picks it up and doesn't mind the resulting suspect status (yellow flashy). The lifetime of a jetcan is about 2 hours or until next downtime.
  • secure container mining:
    while mining put your ore into a secure container to be picked up later by you or a dedicated hauler. Using a Giant Secure Container instead of a jetcan removes the risk of losing it but it is much smaller (3900 m3) and requires buying it and hauling it into space.


All Cargo Container Types
Name Price
Small Standard Container ~3k 120 100 10 10k 10
Medium Standard Container ~10k 390 325 33 100k 10 (3 shots)
Large Standard Container ~42k 780 650 65 1M 10
Small Audit Log Secure Container ~200k 120 100 10 10k 100k * *
Medium Audit Log Secure Container ~200k 390 325 33 100k 1M * *
Large Audit Log Secure Container ~450k 780 650 65 1M 10M * *
Small Secure Container ~6k 120 100 10 10k 50k * 100 m
Medium Secure Container ~30k 390 325 33 100k 50k * 325 m
Large Secure Container ~50k 780 650 65 1M 500k * 650 m
Huge Secure Container ~120k 1950 1500 150 3M 500k * 1500 m
Giant Secure Container ~170k 3900 3000 300 6M 500k * 3000 m
Jettisoned Cargo Container (Jetcan) 27.5k 27.5k 10k high?
Small Freight Container ~20k 1000 1000 100 1M 10 (2 shots)
Medium Freight Container ~45k 5000 5000 500 1M 10 (4 shots)
Large Freight Container ~150k 10k 10k 1000 1M 10
Huge Freight Container ~200k 50k 50k 5000 1M 10
Giant Freight Container ~200k 120k 120k 1200 1M 10
Enormous Freight Container ~400k 250k 250k 2500 1M 10
Station Container ~30k 1M 1M 10k 3M 10M * *
Station Vault Container ~300k 10M 5M 50k 6M 10M * *
Station Warehouse Container ~1B 100M 10M 100k 18M 100M * *


  • Prices are lowest trade hub sell prices and provided for orientation only. Medium and Large Audit Log Containers have very low trade volume.
  • Data is from in-game info and EVElopedia. Note some inconsistencies e.g. packaged volume of huge vs. giant freight containers.
  • Signature radius data for some containers is neither available in-game nor in EVElopedia.
  • "Jetcans" are automatically created whenever a ship "jettisons" any cargo items and destroyed when they are emptied.

Secure Container: This Giant container is fitted with a password-protected security lock. Note: the container must be anchored to enable password functionality. Anchoring containers is only possible in solar systems with a security status of 0.7 or lower. Requirements: Anchoring Level I

AL Secure C: This large audit log container is fitted with a password-protected security lock. Requirements: Anchoring Level I


  • measure sig radius by Scorpion lock time: sfc 10s, msc 23s
  • test medium & large freight container HP in Orca (cargo, lock time) and frigate (civilian railgun)
  • all in table have blueprint on market
  • life time
  • health
  • what does audit log track?
  • repackaging (damage, 3 week station timer)
  • containers can be named, not in ship, (in space?)
  • no people in containers
  • Containers can not be anchored closer than 5km to each other or to other bodies in space.
  • You can jettison cargo, i.e. create a jetcan, only every 2 minutes.
  • scanning and double-wrapping:
    Cargo containers are scanable even inside a ship's cargo hold. There are only two ways to make cargo un-scanable: either use a Blockade-Runner which has an un-scanable cargo hold or set up a courier contract for a secure container, the latter will make the container "double-wrapped" and un-scanable in the couriers cargo hold.

open questions

  • can freight containers be jettisoned/anchored at all?
  • freight containers have no pwd/log?
  • what is sig radius of non-secure containers?
  • do standard containers have 10HP?
  • what is mass relevant for?

Sources and References

This page is based on EVE-WIKI: Cargo Containers, EVElopedia: Secure Containers, Grismar: Secure Container, Grismar: Cargo Containers, Grismar: Jettison Container and EVEinfo: Giant Secure Containers. It covers the status quo as of Rubicon 1.3 (March 2014).

Container Types

Cargo containers can be stored in stations and ships, jettisoned into space, anchored in space and eventually scooped up again. They can be distinguished into 3 types:

Container Type
Category password protection audit log hitpoints
Standard Container no no 10 HP
Secure Container yes no 5k - 50k HP
Audit Log Secure Container yes yes 100k - 10M HP

The password protection uses two passwords, one to access the container at all and a second one that is required to reconfigure it. Password protection also depends on your personal and corporation security settings.

Launch for self

In this case anyone who knows the password can access the container but only you can unanchor it. When you launch the container you must be at least 5.000m away from the nearest anchored object, such as an asteroid, a space station, another container (including your own) or even a ship wreck. This also applies to the methods explained below. Launch for corp

Launch for Corp

When a secure container is launched for a corporation, only members of the corporation which have the Equipment Management role will be able to anchor and unanchor it. This can be useful in large corporations as you will want to keep control over where vital containers are located.


Containers come in different sizes, some of which will only fit in stations. Some are slightly bigger on the inside than on the outside and thus can be used to increase cargo space on a ship. Stacking containers is not possible.

Cargo Container Sizes
Size outer Volume inner Volume
Small Container 100 m3 120 m3
Medium Container 325 m3 390 m3
Large Container 650 m3 780 m3
Huge Container 1 500 m3 1 950 m3
Giant Container 3 000 m3 3 900 m3 fits in some T1 industrials
Jettison Container (jetcan) 27 500 m3 27 500 m3 created when using "Jettison"
Freight Container 120 000 m3 120 000 m3 fits in a Freighter
Station Container 1 000 000 m3 1 000 000 m3 does not fit in any ship
Station Vault 10 000 000 m3 10 000 000 m3 does not fit in any ship
Station Warehouse 100 000 000 m3 100 000 000 m3 does not fit in any ship

Price and Seeding

Secure Container Prices
Volume Capacity Price
Small Secure Container 100 m3 120 m3 5 000 ISK
Medium Secure Container 325 m3 390 m3 14 500 ISK
Large Secure Container 650 m3 780 m3 31 000 ISK
Huge Secure Container 1500 m3 1950 m3 67 500 ISK
Giant Secure Container 3000 m3 3900 m3 152 750 ISK


A container that is jettisoned from a ship can be scooped up by anybody even if it is password protected. If you have the Anchoring skill and are in a system with a security status of 0.7 or less, you can also "Launch for Self" or "Launch for Corp" instead of "Jettison" and this will anchor the container.Anchoring will take a little time. You also need to set a password after launching it or anybody will be able to access it. The password can only be changed by repackaging the container at a station. Red light/green light.

Related Topics

The Mobile Tractor Unit (MTU) and Mobile Depot are not considered containers, however they share some of the game mechanics and overlap in practical use.

The MTU is similar to an anchored container with a tractor beam attached. It will tractor in everything inside its ??? km radius. It has much less hitpoints than a container though and can thus easily be destroyed.

The Mobile Depot is like a secure anchored container with a refitting service and a reinforcement timer. So it is very difficult to destroy and superior in most cases to using a secure container as a supply depot in deep space.


COSMOS refers to several things in EVE:

  • COSMOS constellations are star constellations in high sec and nullsec space that contain COSMOS sites and COSMOS story line agents
  • COSMOS complexes, sites and landmarks are sites that often exist permanently or on long (48h) respawn timers and can be used for completing COSMOS story line missions or farming special items, some are gated, some have beacons, some need to be scanned down
  • COSMOS story line agents (or event agents) are agents that give out unique missions or start short mission arcs, they do that once, i.e. missions can not be repeated
  • COSMOS data centers agents give faction standing for tags, so you can essentially pay for faction standings, once
  • there are also COSMOS agents that will give you faction ship BPCs if you have very high faction standings, once

All these were introduced starting with the COSMOS Cold War Edition patch in 2005.

Why run COSMOS missions and sites?

  • quickly increase faction standings This is especially useful for traders and retired faction warfare pilots. COSMOS missions and data centers give significant faction standing boosts similar to epic arcs or regular storyline missions. This is probably the most popular aspect of COSMOS. See the Gaining faction standings fast guide if you are interested in this aspect. Faction standing boost is about 3.6% for level 2, 6% for level 3 and 8.5% for level 4 missions.
  • get special items Most mission rewards include rare storyline items or their BPCs, sometimes also faction loot. While storyline items are typically not as good as faction or deadspace items, they still have their value. Another possibility is farming some of the persistent sites and sell the mission items. COSMOS mission runners may pay high prices if offered locally.
  • lore The storyline missions arcs reveal quite a bit of EVE's colorful background history.
  • exploration This part of EVE is much less documented than about any other aspect. The few existing guides are partially contradictory and also incomplete and probably contain errors (including this one).

Why avoid COSMOS?

  • waiting In practice, many missions and sites require a lot of preparation and waiting because of slow spawn and respawn timers and heavy farming. It is usually recommended to farm or buy mission items before accepting a mission when possible.
  • puzzles & bugs There is no clear sequence how agents need to be asked for missions, but there are nevertheless dependencies and agents might not talk to you a second time. Thus it is possible to block off mission arcs by accident. Some mission descriptions are also deliberately unclear on where or how to complete them.
  • poor ISK per hour Apart from a few exceptions, you will gain less ISK running COSMOS missions than say L4 missioning.

Who can do it? The easiest COSMOS security missions can be run by total beginners in a basic combat frigate. There are also many delivery missions that require no more than a basic T1 hauler. However be careful as these are sometimes interspersed with more challenging combat missions. All missions have a standard mission rating of level 1 to 4 and some sites have a DED rating, so these can be taken as a guideline. As with the epic arcs a few missions are on the high end of difficulty for their level. Because of the sometimes confusing nature of some missions, some experience with mission running is recommended before starting.

The information on this page was compiled from several sources and personal experience. Note especially that the information about minor faction agents and nullsec COSMOS sites is very spotty and definitely incomplete. Corrections and additions are very welcome.


This page gives you an overview of COSMOS sites and missions. Because of the complexity of the topic, it is recommended to check multiple other sources before actually running missions. As already mentioned these are often outdated, incomplete and inaccurate. Capsuleer discretion is advised.

COSMOS constellations

These are the constellations that contain most of the COSMOS complexes and agents. For some factions there is also a lowsec system that contains COSMOS sites. In highsec:

  • Araz in Kador (Amarr) and Kenobanala system in Derelik
  • Okkelen in The Forge (Caldari)
  • Algintal in Sinq Laison (Gallente and Thukker Tribe)
  • Ani constellation (Minmatar and Sisters of EVE) and Audesder system in Molden Heath

In nullsec:

  • Pegasus in Fountain (Serpentis)
  • Assilot in Cloud Ring (Gallente?)
  • I-3ODK in Feythabolis (Angels)
  • 760-9C in Wicked Creek (Minmatar?)
  • OK-FEM in Delve (Blood Raiders)
  • 9HXQ-G in Catch (Amarr?)
  • 09-4XW in Tenal (Caldari?)
  • E-8CSQ in Vale of the Silent (Guristas)

COSMOS sites

The sites listed below are of various types: permanent complexes, respawning sites with long timers (48h), guarded and unguarded landmarks and sites that need to be scanned down. In some cases sites may spawn in different systems in the same constellation. Most of the permanent and long-respawn sites are heavily farmed. Also some of the NPCs have long respawn timers or a limited probability to drop a mission critical item. Some item drops are gate keys which may be consumed on entry. Thus always try to get mission items before starting a mission if possible. Mission items can often be bought and sold on the local market and in Jita. Most sites will be reset at downtime. Difficulty of sites varies a lot from super easy to significantly harder than level 4, beware.

Araz (Amarr)

Ani (Minmatar)

  • Nakugard
    • The Glass Edge
    • Reactor Factory
  • Barkrik
    • The Carnival
    • The Hyperbole Nexus
    • Defensive Barrier COMPLEX (DED 5)
    • Nefantar Ruins LANDMARK (DED 4)
  • Inder
    • Dreamport
    • Rich man's Run
  • Uriok
    • Culture Recess
    • Insurgent Encampment
    • Assasin's Overhang
  • Traun
    • Sister Camp
    • Thin Red Line
    • Reclamation Wreck
  • Lanngisi
    • Sanctum Psychosis
    • The Asylum
  • Hjoramold
    • Machine Head
    • Lord Bastion
  • Tvink
    • The Crystal Dust Compound
    • Margins of Error

Algintal (Gallente)

  • Barmalie
    • The Ebony Tower"
  • Audaerne
    • Solar System "Natura Seminary"
  • Fluekele
    • Contested Gallente Roden Shipyard Outpost
    • Central Administration
  • Colelie
    • Survey Station
  • Alsottobier
    • Arid Park
  • Jolia
    • Grand Future Info Center
  • Abenync
    • Federate Data Center

Okkelen (Caldari)

  • Airmia
    • Contested Caldari Lai Dai Refinery Hacking
  • Friggi
    • Contested Caldari Mining Facilities
  • Ihakana
    • State and Region Bank
  • Otitioh
    • Planet VI Moon 2
    • Planet VI Moon 3
    • Planet VII Moon 5
    • Ihakana Gate
    • Urigamu's Warehouse
    • Kazka Bandit Hideout
    • Guristas Scout Outpost
    • Devils Dig Infested Excavation Site
  • Otomainen
    • Asteroid Belts
    • Rush Town Ruins
    • Tsunas Private Compound
    • Kazka Blockade
    • Kazka Casino
    • Kazka Black Market Hub
    • Gatti Zhara Residence
    • Belt VIII-1 (warp @100km)
    • Contested Guristas Outrider Post
  • Sakkikainen
    • Planet VI Moon 2
    • Contested Kazka Headquarters
    • Rogue Drone Asteroid Infestation
  • Vahunomi
    • Rogue Drone Asteroid Infestation

COSMOS storyline agents

The Servant Sisters of EVE Faction

  • Food Relief
    • Beris Nitrus "Sanctum Psychosis" in Lanngisi (L1), required standing 0.0, 2 courier missions
  • The Sancturay
    • Sifor Patrenn in Uriok (L3), required standing 4.0, 4 courier/kill missions (lowsec)
    • Nina Darrchien "The Rich Man's Run" in Inder (L2), required standing 2.0, 3 courier missions
  • Sisters of EVE
    • Fynnir Torsont "Sister Camp" in Traun (L3), required standing 4.0, 3 courier/kill missions

COSMOS data center agents

Data center agents give out missions that let you gain faction standings by paying with tags of the opposing pirate factions. They are located at beacons in space. There are three data centers per empire. One agent offers the "Graduation Certificate" mission while the rest offer the "Keeping Crime in Check" mission. You will need to collect common pirate tags (copper, bronze, silver, electrum, brass, palladium, gold, crystal, platinum and diamond). The rewards include named items and a storyline-level faction increase. You can only talk to each agent once.

  • Amarr Imperial Data Centers: Blood Raider and Sansha tags
    • Polfaly (2 Agents)
    • Ferira (11 Agents) (Blood Copper the rest Sansha)
    • Kudi (11 Agents) (Sansha Copper the rest Bloods)
  • Caldari State Data Centers: Guristas tags
    • Ahtulaima (2 agents)
    • Saikanen (3 agents)
    • Kamokor (12 agents)
  • Gallente Federate Data Centers: Serpentis tags
    • Abenync (2 agents)
    • Muer (11 agents)
    • Ekuenbiron (2 agents)
  • Minmatar Republic Data Centers: Angel Cartel tags
    • Emolgranlan (11 agents)
    • Arlulf (2 agents)
    • Engosi (2 agents)

COSMOS reward agents

These agents give 2-run faction ship BPCs or high value implants as a reward for very high faction standings plus some cheap tags, once per annet. There are conflicting reports on whether the standing modification by your social skills counts. The minimum standings required seem to be:

  • 8.22 - 8.5 for frigate BPCs (reports differ)
  • 9.2 - 9.4 for cruiser BPCs (reports differ)
  • 9.91 for battleship BPCs

There are 3 agents per faction:

  • Amarr in Jakri (Garisas gate)
    • Mandor Neek gives Amarr Navy Slicer 2-run BPC for 30 Sansha Silver Tags
    • Jeeta Neek gives Omen Navy Issue 2-run BPC for 30 Sansha Gold Tags
    • Zaestra Kuramor gives Apocalypse Navy Issue 2-run BPC for 30 Sansha Diamond Tags
  • Caldari in Otitoh (Friggi gate)
    • Kaiko Maina gives Caldari Navy Hookbill 2-run BPC for 30 Guristas Silver Tags
    • Emma Tharkin gives Caracal Navy Issue 2-run BPC for 30 Guristas Gold Tags
    • Zoun Makui gives Raven Navy Issue 2-run BPC for 30 Guristas Diamond Tags
  • Gallente in Jolia (Augnais gate)
    • Jordan Usquen: Federation Navy Comet 2-run BPC for 30 Serpentis Silver Tags
    • Babalu Wrezka: Vexor Navy Issue cruiser 2-run BPC for 30 Serpentis Gold Tags
    • Timmothy Sawyr: Megathron Navy Issue 2-run BPC for 30 Serpentis Diamond Tags
  • Minmatar in Barkrik (Hjoramold gate)
    • Mutama Czeik: Republic Fleet Firetail 2-run BPC for 30 Angel Silver Tags
    • Thora Desto: Stabber Fleet Issue 2-run BPC for 30 Angel Gold Tags
    • Makor Desto: Tempest Fleet Issue 2-run BPC for 30 Angel Diamond Tags
  • Angels in Jorund
    • Numa Fashit
    • Skami Zarton
    • Kardimo Menka
  • Guristas in N-Q5PW
    • Pol Pat
    • Ippana Maltyr
    • Jakuzi Makar
  • Sansha in 0Y1-M7
    • Ophana Zett
    • Miguel Maktar
    • Karhoum Ykta
  • Serpentis in MN5N-X
    • Hara Lafleur
    • Luthetion Preque
    • Jaquon Jalibar
  • Blood Raiders in KFIE-Z (Z3V-1W gate)
    • Farak Kali: Cruor 2-run BPC for 30 Silver tags and 8.5 Blood Raider Covenant standing
    • Sari Arkhi: Ashimmu 2-run BPC for 30 Gold tags and 9.2 Blood Raider Covenant standing
    • Unnaya Mafir: Bhaalgorn 2-run BPC for 30 Diamond tags and 9.9 Blood Raider Covenant standing

Other reward agents

  • Ammatar in Alkez
    • Madibe Arnadi: +5 Intelligence and bonus +3 Perception implant for 30 Angel Crystal Tags
  • Khanid Kingdom offer in Algil
    • Tori Aman
  • Mordu's Legion in 5ZXX-K
    • Teston Hrinz
  • ORE in 4C-B7X
    • Hakkuna Baille
  • Intaki Syndicate in 1-NKVT
    • Zaknar Cente
  • Thukker Tribe in UNJ-GX
    • Bakkla Viftuin: +5 Memory and bonus one +3 Intelligence implant for 10 Amarr Navy General Insignia II