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Qvar Dar'zanar

Qvar Dar'zanar is an EVE University graduated pilot. He was created the 28.6.2011, and after some desert walking, he valiantly queued for a while until he was finally accepted the 2.9.2011.

Qvar is an Amarrian pilot, although he was born in the Kihtaled system, belonging to the Khanid Kingdom, in a family traditionally opposed to the reconciliation with the Amarr empire. He has adopted an hybrid style, following the Caldari/Khanid way of life but focusing on the amarrian combat doctrine.


Assistant Personnel Manager

I was an Assistant Personnel Manager for the Eve University, having served since 20.10.2011 in different positions at the Personnel Derpartment of E-Uni. They are the people in charge of accepting, rejecting and interviewing the new (and sometimes, old) players who want to join E-Uni, torture them with their main tool, the dreaded queue, and chat between themselves at their clique channel.

If you want to become a Personnel Officer, follow this link.


I dedicated 3 months helping in the mentorship of new recruits. It's mentors duty to give personalized advice to the new players who request a mentor. As mentor, I focused on the Exploration, PvE, Trading, Wormholes and Fleet areas, and I could tell you one thing or two about Amarr e-war ships.

If you want to know more about Mentors, or how to get a mentor, follow this link: Mentorship


Teacher is the tittle awarded to those in E-Uni staff who have held at least 3 classes, and schedule one at least once in a month. I've held a number of classes, most of them about the Wormhole topic, but also a couple of Tracking Disruption ones.

Check this link if you're interested on becoming a teacher: Joining The Faculty

The classes I've taught are:

Syllabi created:


I colaborate with the Arek'Jaalan project, a live event started by CCP Dropbear. The project spans several divisions, each focused on a diferent aspect of the Eve's unknowns. More information here:

Mind my business


Wormhole space is one of my main interests, and together with trading, the way I pay my plexes. How, you say? I find unhabited Wormhole systems and sell them to people who are looking for a new home and don't want to compete with other people or corps for the domination of the said system.

Here is where I have an offer for you, if you are one of those who do exploration and curse CCP every time you find a Wormhole: Bookmark the wormhole (instructions below), send it to me, and I'll do everything else needed. If the Wormhole is suitable to be sold, I'll send you 50 million ISK when I do. That's correct, you may win 50M for something you would usually not even worry to take a look at!

I don't want delusions: It's hard to find a Wormhole C1-C3 system unhabited, since they're very sougth after. But you never know when your lucky day will be, for a minimum effort!

You can see the original post here: Wormhole trading

How to send a Wormhole location:

1. Bookmark it, either from your scanner, rigth-clicking it directly in space or from your overview if you're on grid with it.

2. Dock in a station and drag & drop the bookmark from your People & places folder to your station hangar. You can hold shift while d&d'ing to keep a copy for yourself.

3. Rigth click on the BM(s).

4. Click on Create contract.

5. Select Item exchange.

6. Select Private.

7. Write the name of who you want to send it to in the text box. If the wormhole you found is in Caldari space, send it to Pantsy McGuillis. If it's in Amarr space, send it to Alisza Schrant. After that, send a mail to Qvar Dar'zanar stating that you've done so. In any other case or if in doubt, send the bookmarks to Qvar Dar'zanar.

8. Next, next, next. You can charge me the 10k ISK that will cost making the contract if you want to.

T3 ships

Do you want to buy a T3 ship, but it's too expensive, or you're tired of the pennycutters? Fear not! Now you can buy your desired T3 ship with a 10 million discount (compared to the cheaper selling order) in either Hek or Rens stations. You just have to tell me which one and where do you want it, and I'll contract the ship to you for the reduced price. We both save time and money!

You can check if your desired ship is aviable in this link, although you can order whatever you want and I'll contract it as soon as it is aviable again: T3 ships


Bored of going back to base to get on your slow salvaging ship? Stop worrying! Qvar Enterprises offers now a full service of salvaging, thanks to a dedicated Noctis and multiple haulers. You only have to contract the Bookmarks to us and wait for the free money.

Our taxes are the 50% of the salvage and loot, calculated in base to the Eve University official prices for the minerals the loot would yield after being refined. If you prefer, just adding a message in the description, we will handle you the 50% of the loot.



Eve University Graduate

This medal is presented to those who have demonstrated detailed understanding of the nuances and mechanics of capsule piloting. It denotes that the holder has spent a term of not less than three months within Eve University and is able to embark competently on their own adventures in New Eden, as well as signifying they have demonstrated a commitment to their fellow pilots. Its inscription reads: Per Eruditio, Vis - 'Through Knowledge, Power'

Protector of the Holy Cottage

Awarded to the brave pilots that fought to protect the Holy Cottage in 9UY4-H on the night of September 23-24, 113 YC.

Resolute Sentinel of the University

This medal was awarded to members of EVE University who were active and remained in the corporation for the full duration of the "No SOP Month" - four weeks of continuous war with no wartime rules, between 2011.09.18 and 2011.10.16. Its inscription reads: Si vis pacem, fac bellum - 'If you want peace, make war

Service Medal of Excellence

This medal is awarded to those members of EVE University who have selflessly devoted their personal time towards those staff positions responsible for the day to day operations of the corporation. Without their tireless efforts, the University could not function. It's inscription reads: Servitium est praemium, "Service is its own reward".


Ribbon-Graduate.png EVE University Graduate

Ribbon-IWasThere.png Participated in the battle of Aldrat's Deep

Ribbon-Resolute Sentinel.png Resolute Sentinel of the University

Ribbon-SMoE.png Service Medal of Excellence

Ribbon-Teacher.png Teacher

Ribbon-Mentor.png Mentor

Ribbon-PersonnelOfficer.jpg Personnel Officer

Ribbon-Scout Teacher.png Scouting Teacher

Ribbon-FC4.png Acted as Fleet Commander for 2 or more PvP fleets which resulted in an After Action Report

Ribbon-Close Call.png Escaped with the ship on fire

Ribbon-HSFighter.png 100 or more kills in high sec

Ribbon-Old Timer.jpg Having flown during at least 5 wars with the old WSOP

Ribbon-NSVoyager.jpg Travel through Null-sec

Ribbon-WHVoyager.png Travel through Wormhole space

Ribbon-WarVoyager.png Experienced a War while in the University

Ribbon-Class.png Attended to 20 or more classes

Ribbon-Basic.png Completed basic training and ready to figth