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Shauny Tsero is Mentor Manager, an Orientation Officer, Titles Officer and a Teaching Assistant. Whether I am Orientating NewBros, FC-ing a spontaneous fleet, in a class, mining, or just spinning-spinning-spinning in station...above ALL things I am here to help you. Fleets, Frank advice or fun... dont hesitate to chat me up or contact me via any of the communications channels, if I am not in-game then I can be contacted via Discord, both phone and PC. I want you to enjoy your time in Eve University, and enjoy your game and your interactions in it. I will do anything I can to facilitate that happening for all the space-nerds that cross my path. If you need/want to speak with me privately, you can just ask me and I'll take you to a private room to talk things through. I will never share what is discussed or our communications without your permission to do so, or if there has been some explicit violation of the EULA or EVE University code of conduct.

About My Current Roles:

LSC Manager

As the manager for LSC I help maintain the campus and guide it future based on input from our members and the LSC Officers.

Orientation Officer

Orientation Officers follow up with new members once they have been accepted. They reach out to new members to ensure they are settling in and provide them with information that will be useful for the individual situation. They act as a contact point for a member's first few weeks in the corporation, answer any questions a new member might have, and help to point them in the right direction.

Titles Officer

Titles Officers review all incoming Title Applications. They follow up with applicants who's applications are missing details or requirements as well as any references that are supplied. They also inform applicants who have been denied a title the reason why and how they might fix said reason before they apply again.

Teaching Assistant

As a Teaching Assistant I:

  • Sit in on classes, help with links or as requested by teachers.
  • Help guest lecturers interface with Eve University. Add in-game calendar entries, announce classes in Discord and Alliance. Assist with After-Class Report as needed.
  • Watch for opportunities to bring more classes to Eve University, connecting potential teachers and guest lecturers with the Teaching Department.
  • TAs are expected to act appropriately as a member of the University staff and set a positive example to students.
  • Help make a core part of Eve University's mission successful.