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Name of the Wormhole System
Maximum Mass Unknown Number Unknown
Minimum Mass Unknown Escalations Unknown

Statics Anomalies Gravimetric Sites Ladar Sites Magnetometric Sites Radar Sites
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


Copy and paste the code below when adding a new class and complete the info.



|image=Class 2 System.jpg
|maxmass=20,000 T
|minmass=20,000 T
|anosites=[[Perimeter Ambush Point]]<br>[[Perimeter Camp]]<br>[[Phase Catalyst Node]]<br>[[The Line]]
|grasites=[[Average Frontier Deposit|Average F.D.]]<br>[[Unexceptional Frontier Deposit|Unexceptional F.D.]]<br>[[Uncommon Core Deposit|Uncommon C.D.]]<br>[[Ordinary Perimeter Deposit|Ordinary P.D.]]<br>[[Common Perimeter Deposit|Common P.D.]]<br>[[Exceptional Core Deposit|Exceptional C.D.]]<br>[[Infrequent Core Deposit|Infrequent C.D.]]<br>[[Unusual Core Deposit|Unusual C.D.]]<br>[[Rarified Core Deposit|Rarified C.D.]]<br>[[Isolated Core Deposit|Isolated C.D.]]
|ladsites=[[Barren Perimeter Reservoir|Barren P.R.]]<br>[[Minor Perimeter Reservoir|Minor P.R.]]<br>[[Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir|Ordinary P.R]]<br>[[Sizable Perimeter Reservoir|Sizeable P.R.]]<br>[[Token Perimeter Reservoir|Token P.R.]]<br>[[Bountiful Frontier Reservoir|Bountiful F.R.]]<br>[[Vast Frontier Reservoir|Vast F.R.]]<br>[[Instrumental Core Reservoir|Instrumental C.R.]]<br>[[Vital Core Reservoir|Vital C.R.]]
|magsites=[[Forgotten Perimeter Coronation Platform]]<br>[[Forgotten Perimeter Power Array]]
|radsites=[[Unsecured Perimeter Amplifier]]<br>[[Unsecured Perimeter Information Center]]

It will look like this:

Class 2 System.jpg
(C1 System)
Maximum Mass 20,000 T Number N/A
Minimum Mass 20,000 T Escalations None

Possible Statics Anomalies Ore Sites Gas Sites Relic Sites Data Sites
Unknown Perimeter Ambush Point
Perimeter Camp
Phase Catalyst Node
The Line
Average F.D.
Unexceptional F.D.
Uncommon C.D.
Ordinary P.D.
Common P.D.
Exceptional C.D.
Infrequent C.D.
Unusual C.D.
Rarified C.D.
Isolated C.D.
Barren P.R.
Minor P.R.
Ordinary P.R
Sizeable P.R.
Token P.R.
Bountiful F.R.
Vast F.R.
Instrumental C.R.
Vital C.R.
Forgotten Perimeter Coronation Platform
Forgotten Perimeter Power Array
Unsecured Perimeter Amplifier
Unsecured Perimeter Information Center