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E-UNI Emblem.png Uniwiki, the EVE University Wiki.

Welcome to Uniwki, the EVE University wiki. EVE University is a charity organisation, primarily funded by donations, dedicated to the training of new pilots.


Starting EVE Online

EVE can be scary as a new player. We recommend our guide to getting started in EVE Online which will take you from character creation to your first Epic Arc, this guide can help you along your first few days. Why not think about Applying to EVE University? We are an organisation devoted to helping new players just like you. There are no costs except a negligible tax on mission rewards and bounties as we are primarily funded by donations.

EVE University

More information

EVE University is split into several departments each of which fall under the direction of a member of management. Progression through the University is monitored through Titles. Members are expected to abide be the Code of Conduct and, during wartime, the WSOP. Members are given access to a variety of services. In addition to the wiki, EVE University also has a forum, killboard, calender of events, and Mumble server - as well as in-game chat channels and mailing lists.


View all our guides

We maintain an archive of our classes in the EVE University Class Library. Most are lecture based and downloadable to listen to at your leisure. The wiki is full of guides on most subjects you could want within EVE Online, try the search box at the top right. Some of our more popular guides are The Rookie's Guide To Fleet Ops (essential reading before your first fleet) and the Overview Setup guide. We also maintain a ship database with details and fits on every ship in the game.

Giving Back

As a charity, EVE University relies on the generosity of well wishers and volunteers to fund its activities. You can contribute by donating, offering to teach a class, or contributing your knowledge to this wiki.