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Turlough is king of the Turtle's it's true, but before reaching this high point in his life he joined the Uni and has helped many new players better them selves , Don't be fooled Turlough still doesn't know what he is doing but dam he can wing it very good lives off the principal if in a tricky situation shoot all the things \o/

Turlough has Filled many roles so far in the uni, Assistant teacher, Student guidance , po department , mentor department , Events department , Turtle Trolling academy for baby Turtles , Fleet commander "if u want to die and not kill anything he is your man"

It is rumored that this mighty hero also has a secret underground empire of Turtles waiting to infest the galaxy of eve online, currently 2 alt corporations have been found in the deep deep reach's of high sec "Angry Turtles" and "Happy Turtles" is there more hiding under his banner of the Turtle or is this just the beginning who know's

It is also rumoured that he may one day be able to spell all the wurds right

Official Duty in the E-UNI

Personnel Department

Turlough is currently an unemployed bum and just bothers everyone and helps rose to keep his marbles, the main roles that Turlough looks after are saucy links and corpse tourism development but also helps the others when needed , and like all the assistant managers are in constant talks about how to improve the department, it is also rumored that he does interview's still and that many an applicant is left sweating during the interview due to rumors that turtle is hard to please :)

Events Department

Turlough has been appointed Manager for the Events Department, lots of stuff to do keep him busy and away from the other turtle's, side note if you are for some reason reading this hit him up if you have Events idea's

How to find a Turtle

You can find Turlough nearly everyday on mummble , even if he is not logged into eve online.

Current games Turlough is playing

/ Destiny 2
/ Eve online
/ Hello Kittie
/ All the drinking games \o/
/ Space Engineers 
/ Rust sometimes on and off
/ random bliz games
/ yada yada

Other games that are in idle:

Infinite "list is long very long"