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So I have some notes/questions for LSC wiki draft. Shauny Tsero, LSC Manager (talk) 12:31, 17 August 2020 (UTC)

  • Why LSC? needs to be expanded


  • Fleet offerings - what is this sections about as I've not seen/had any discussions on this nor is it all that clear

FA-This is a concept categorization of players in their training progression. It was an attempt at giving people smaller skill goals to achieve in terms of their 'capability' in the thriving in dangerous space. We can rename the title, but ultimately it's like the layers in a job progression, from most junior, what they can do and what is expected, to most senior in their PvP journey.

  • Isk generation section - add in a bit about why not do both in the high-sec pocket

I didn't want to stress high sec activities because it's not low sec. It's not a content differentiator. Although we can add in safe mining in brelly.

  • Gap in travel section
  • structures should be included in Campus Details imo

This was moved down to give more prominence to the Why LSC and activities the pilot would be interested in. Once they are excited about the things they can learn or do at LSC, then they can read about the location and other structures info. Campus Details should probably increased one font size up to make it a title for the section. Or it can be taken out all together and headquarters info can be moved into the structures section.

  • Staff will need updating


  • how to join should come before travel imo

The how to join is the same as the uni standard how to join. It's delivered to all unistas that apply. I was tempted to remove this whole section, as it replicates the info we share in the congratulations evemail sent to all pilot. But wanted to see how we could added the consolidated thread link into another section.