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The visuals of a wormhole gives you information on the wormhole and on the target system without need to jump through. The outline corresponds to jump mass limit and the center contains the skybox of the destination system. The wobbling animation tells the lifetime left anad the visual size of the whole wormhole tells how much mass is left.

Showing info on the wormhole will also tell you less accurate info on the destination system, mass limit and time left.


Eye of the wormhole

The center eye of a wormhole will always take the skybox of the destination system This can be used to see what what class wormhole system it leads to or what region it leads to.

Connection to c1.jpg Wormholes leading to class 1 systems have grayish clouds with some black spots and some blue and cyan details. A wormhole leading to C1 system may look similar to a wormhole leading to C2 or C3 system, the most notable difference is lack of any notable detail.
Connection to c2.jpg Wormholes leading to class 2 have a brownish hue with some gray clouds. The most notable feature of this skybox is the black spot in the light gray cloud.
Connection to c3.jpg Wormholes leading to class 3 have again grayish clouds. The distinct red cloud easy to identify mark of a C3 connection.
Connection to c4.jpg Wormholes leading to class 4 are mainly dark red with one bright white cloud and some distincth black spots. The color of a wormhole to C4 system is unique making it easier to identify by color instead of shapes.
Connection to c5.jpg Wormholes leading to class 5 are again dark red but with some brown hues mixed in. The white cloud is not as bright as it in C3 connection.
Connection to c6.jpg Wormholes leading to class 6 are very chromatic orange with black details.

Known space

Wormholes leading to k-Space also take the skybox of the region on the other side. A red k-Space wormhole will most likely take you to a Minmatar region, yellow k-space connection to Amarr region, blue k-space wormhole to Caldari region and green k-space connection to Gallente region. Null regions are mostly black with smaller colored clouds.

Connection to solitude.jpg The green color indicates the wormholel eading into a Gallente region. An experienced pilot can also identify various objects visible to make a more accurate estimation on the target system, in this particular image Cloud Ring is clearly visible. The region on the other side of the wormhole is Solitude.

Special wormholes

Some of the more unique wormhole systems also have their own skybox so it is possible to identify them visually without jumping.

Connection to vidette.jpg This skybox is shown on Thera wormholes, C13 frigate sized shattered wormholes and on Drifter wormholes. Not all shattered wormholes have this visual.

Aurora of the wormhole

Wormholes come with mass restrictions. Wormholes not only allow certain amounts of mass through them in their lifetime, but they also have mass restrictions for each particular transfer.

The color of the flare around a wormhole will tell you the maximum mass of ships that can go through.

Owc flare-frigate 960.jpg A royal blue aurora indicates wormholes that only allow frigate-mass ships (5,000,000 kg). This is the most important one to recognise as it will allow scouting frigate to pass through but deny the main fleet from jumping.
Owc flare-small 960.jpg A wormhole with a teal aurora allows medium sized ships, including cruisers, battlecruisers and industrials, to pass through (20,000,000 kg).
Owc flare-large 960.jpg A gray aurora highlights a wormhole that allows every ship below capital hulls to pass through (300,000,000 kg).
Owc flare-massive 960.jpg A yellow aurora indicates wormholes that freighters and capitals can transit (1,000,000,000 kg, 1,350,000,000 kg or 1,800,000,000 kg).

Wormhole health

As the wormhole gets older the visuals change slightly. An EOL wormhole eye is violenlty waving compared to a healthy wormhole.

Wormhole connection permutations

All possible permutations for connections in wormhole classes of 1-6. (outdated)

C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6
C1 to C1
C1 to C2
C1 to C3
C1 to C4
C1 to C5
C1 to C6
C2 to C1
C2 to C2
C2 to C3
C2 to C4
C2 to C5
C2 to C6
C3 to C1
C3 to C2
C3 to C3
C3 to C4
C3 to C5
C3 to C6
C4 to C1
C4 to C2
C4 to C3
C4 to C4
C4 to C5
C4 to C6
C5 to C1
C5 to C2
C5 to C3
C5 to C4
C5 to C5
C5 to C6
C6 to C1
C6 to C2
C6 to C3
C6 to C4
C6 to C5
C6 to C6
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