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EVE University logo This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.

Industry in Solitude

Gas sites

The low-sec constellation of Elerelle, located in Solitude, is one of only two places in New Eden where Gas sites produce unusually large amounts of Celadon Cytoserocin, which is the chief ingredient in the production of the more effective forms of Exile, a Combat Booster used to increase a capsuleer's armor repair amount by a certain percentage. The high-sec region of Solitude sees regular signature-site occurrences of Celadon Mykoserocin, used to make the milder, and less profitable form of Exile.

Gas sites in Solitude occur very frequently in both high- and low-security areas.

Ice belts

  • Niballe (0.6 / 3 jumps from Boystin) is the most popular ice belt in the area. Regulars are generally friendly and plenty of ice to go around. Look for blue fleets to join or simply ask for boosts.
  • Cadelanne (0.1 / 9 jumps from Boystin) typically only has a few residents, often blue.
  • I-YGGI (-0.20 / 4 jumps from Boystin) out of the way null sec ice belt that has few visitors. Note: Will spawn BS rats, so make sure you have a good tank.

Note that it is not recommended to ice mine while away from the keyboard (AFK). There are local entities that have been known to suicide gank (using large groups of expendable destroyers) miners that are non-responsive.

Regular mining

  • Project Solitude has several members who run regular mining fleets with Orca boosts. Both shared-can and u-haul ops occur. For more information and fleet formation check the Solitude forum and ask in the Solitude (EVE Uni) chat. Mining loaners are available to campus members and Ventures are available in the Boystin corp hangar.

Refining services

Project Solitude has several members who can provide refining services in Solitude

  • Edward Audeles: (Nearly) perfect on ores as well as scrapmetal at Boystin FIO Details