Besieged Covert Research Facility

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This site is about the combat site. See Ghost Sites for info on the hacking site

Besieged Covert Research Facility is an unique cosmic anomaly found in all low sec regions that spawns two waves of Mordu's Legion cruisers and battleships equipped with webifiers and warp disruptors. Notable loot includes higher-end implants and ship skin BPCs, as well as special module BPCs.

The Besieged Covert Research Facility is a much more difficult site than most other lowsec combat anomalies, and is generally best attempted using either a sniping battleship or a missile T3 Cruiser.


Single ungated pocket. Several webs with and warp disruptors with long range.

These sites are timed. After 20 minutes the site will self destruct.

Message from Mordu's Legion
Stay out, capsuleers! This is a private matter and your interference is not welcome.

If you engage our forces, interfere with our task, or do anything else except leave immediately, we will have no choice but to attack you.

The site will spawn two groups of randomly assorted Mordu's Legion ships. The cruisers and "Mordu's Legion Battleship" will warp disrupt and web. The "Mordu's Legion Commander" does not web or point but is very durable. Note that all the ships will be named "Mordu's Legion Battleships" regardless of ship type.

The battleship webs have range of 22 km so they can be kited. All ships in the site fly at 380m/s at most. The warp disruptors have range of 36 km.

The rats will deal all damage types, however they prefer to deal Kinetic. Most importantly, the "Mordu's Legion Battleship" has a 30km max turret range with no falloff, but within that range cannot miss, and its missiles ignore speed and signature and always deal full damage. The Mordu's Legion Commander fires high-damage torpedoes, however these torpedoes only fly about 50km and have poor application and can be comfortably tanked by a cruiser. All ships will target Large Drones, and will likely shoot them down.

As far the best damage type to deal, it's a mixed bag. However it's worth noting that all 3 ships have active shield reps.

  • The Mordu's Legion Cruiser's shields are weak to EM, and while its armor somewhat resists EM its total HP is low enough that this isn't much of an issue
  • The Mordu's Legion Battleship's shields are also weak to EM, however its armor is strong against EM so if it's possible to swap damage types quickly, swap to Explosive when its shields break
  • The Mordu's Legion Commander is much more durable than the other two ships, however it is surprisingly weak against Kinetic damage (both shields and armor).

As the Commanders are the most durable ships on field, if forced to bring only a single damage type (or single drone type), the best single damage type to bring is Kinetic. If using Projectile Turrets, the best shells to use are EMP, swapping to Fusion after the shields break. (Don't bother reloading for Cruisers.) Hybrid Turrets and Gallente Drones are not ideal weapons for this site, as the Commander's shields strongly resist Thermal damage.

After all ships are destroyed you can loot the goodies from the hub. The lab can be destroyed and looted before ships are destroyed, but it may be preferred to focus all damage on the ships, as their tackle can make it difficult both to get to the lab and to get out alive.

Initial defenders (total 3 ships)

Cruiser 0-3 x Cruiser Mordu's Legion Cruiser Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Battleship 0-3 x Battleship Mordu's Legion Battleship Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Battleship 0-3 x Battleship Mordu's Legion Commander

The second wave will warp in about a minute after the first wave. There is no trigger ship for the second wave.

Reinforcements (total 5 ships)

Cruiser 0-5 x Cruiser Mordu's Legion Cruiser Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Battleship 0-5 x Battleship Mordu's Legion Battleship Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Battleship 0-5 x Battleship Mordu's Legion Commander


Container 1 x Guristas Research and trade Hub Locked until all ships destroyed. Skins (30d), hyperspatial accelerator BPC, pirate faction and rare rare pirate faction ammo, Covert Research Tools, virtue and centurion implants.
Structure 1 x Thukker Lab or Facility Thukker Component Assembly Array BPC, Covert Research Tools

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