Covert Ships Skillset

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The UniWiki will soon be removing its repository of ship fittings. This notice is to provide you with an opportunity to save your favorite fits. The removal process is expected to commence via automated script on the weekend of 8/8/2020.

Thank you -- EVE University / UniWiki Management

Covert Ops

Primary Skills

  • [Racial] Frigate V
    • Covert Ops (reduces fitting cost of Cloaking Devices, often trained to level IV)

Secondary Skills

  • NOTE: exploration skills not included

Other Related Skills (Stealth Bomber)

Recon Ships

Primary Skills

Secondary Skills

Other Related Skills (Force Recon Ships)

Black Ops

Primary Skills

Secondary Skills

Other Related Skills

Additional skills depend on the race of the ship, and how you plan to fly it. Having a base of support skills will make the difference between being useful, and being an expensive lossmail waiting to happen.

  • Electronic Upgrades
  • Long Range Targeting
  • Signature Analysis
  • Target Painting
  • Target Management
  • Capacitor Management
  • Capacitor Systems Operation
  • Jury Rigging
  • Jump Fuel Conservation