Creating an Alt Miner

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This document will discuss a method to create an miner avatar who will be flying a Hulk in a six and a half weeks (a month and a half). This can be used for an alt (for an out-of-Uni miner during wartime) or on a second account.

The training plan has been hand optimized to fit the longest skills within the 1,600,000 SP bonus training limit, and omits any learning skills which would be beneficial in the longer term. These should be considered for training after the Hulk can be flown.


Training a new avatar to fly a Hulk from scratch using this guide will take 45 days, or 42 if you use a remap (not recommended). The requirements are:

  • New avatar with no training (or less than 3,000 SP trained)
  • 74,000,000 ISK
    • Approximately 40,000,000 (40m) ISK for four +3 implants (except for CHA)
    • Approximately 34,000,000 (34m) ISK for skill books
      • This is only about 6,000,000 (6m) ISK if you want to fly only a Covetor


Have these items available for immediate trading to your new miner:

  • Implants
    • +3 INT
    • +3 MEM
  • Skillbooks
    • Cybernetics
    • Instant Recall
    • Analytical Mind
    • Learning
    • Industry

These items will be needed starting no earlier than four days into the training:

  • Implants
    • +3 PER
    • +3 WIL
  • Skillbooks
    • Astrogeology
    • Iron Will
    • Spatial Awareness
    • Mining Barge
    • Logic
    • Exhumers

Training Plan

  1. Cybernetics I
    • After training this, plug in the +3 INT/MEM implants
  2. Instant Recall I
  3. Analytical Mind I
  4. Learning I
  5. Instant Recall II
  6. Analytical Mind II
  7. Learning II
  8. Instant Recall III
  9. Analytical Mind III
  10. Learning III
  11. Industry I
  12. Industry II
  13. Industry III
  14. Industry IV
  15. Industry V
  16. Science IV
  17. Mining III
  18. Mining IV
  19. Astrogeology I
  20. Astrogeology II
  21. Astrogeology III
  22. Astrogeology IV
  23. Iron Will I
  24. Iron Will II
  25. Iron Will III
  26. Spatial Awareness I
  27. Spatial Awareness II
  28. Spatial Awareness III
    • No later than this point, plug in your +3 PER/WIL implants
  29. Mining Barge I
  30. Mining Barge II
  31. Mining Barge III
  32. Mining Barge IV
  33. Mining Barge V
  34. Analytical Mind IV
  35. Logic I
  36. Logic II
  37. Logic III
  38. Astrogeology V
  39. Spaceship Command IV
  40. Exhumers I
  41. Exhumers II
  42. Exhumers III