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Data center mission
Agent: Nakkito Ihadechi
Agent location: State Data Center (Saikanen)
Standings required: None

Level 1
Type Courier
Objective Transport 1 x Reports (0.1m³)
Rewards Minor faction standing gain

Mission briefing
I'm supposed to transport these reports to the Caldari Navy station in Maurasi, but I really have a tight schedule at the moment. The contents of the reports are confidential, something about the new recruits we've been getting. Apparently the Navy has been on the lookout for some pilots to hire for various jobs, and they want some background info. That's why I couldn't just send this information via a transmission: Caldari law prohibits doing that with personal information since such transmissions can be hacked.

If you do the job for me, I'll give you a nice reward. And even a bonus if you get it done quickly!

From Saikanen to Maurasi IX - Moon 12 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant (7 hi-sec jumps).