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This article about the Education Directorate one of six distinct divisions of EVE University.

The Education Directorate consists of three sections, the Teaching Department, Events Department, and the Mentor Department.

Each department is led by a Manager, each of whom report to the Director of Education, and who are in turn supported by one or more Assistant Managers.

Director of Education


About the role: The Director of Education oversees the core business of EVE University, training new players. He decides on the overall strategies to maximise the educational side of EVE University. He manages the training department (classes), events department and mentoring department and ensures operations in these departments are running smoothly..

About the person: A complete mystery, no one truly knows what lies deep in the heart of the enigmatic Kivena.

Reports to: CEO

Teaching Director

Titus Tallang

About the role: The Teaching Director oversees recruiting and development of UNI teachers, organizing guest lectures, scheduling classes, and developing recorded training classes, the Syllabus Library and related player guides on the EVE University wiki.

About the person:
Valerius Marcus> The only thing known is that he delegates. A lot.
Aeth E'us> Titus can be grumpy when he thinks you're being an idiot.

Assistant: Spanky Ikkala

Reports to: Director of Education

Mentor Manager


About the role: On request, EVE University provides members with individualized coaching and mentoring from experienced UNI Graduates. The Mentor Manager is responsible for ensuring that this Mentor Program runs smoothly and efficiently.

About the person: Data missing.

Assistant: Beren Mahanaxar

Reports to: Director of Education

Events Manager

Hezekiah Winter

About the role: The Events Manager oversees the Events Department, including the scheduling of special events, recruiting Events Coordinators, and supporting students in developing and running their own events.

About the person: Data missing.

Assistants: Sketchy McGillis

Reports to: Director of Education