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There are a lot of EVE game guides on the market that claim to make you great at PvP, a Trillionaire in ISK, and various other things. There are both free and purchasable guides available and finding good honest reviews of these guides can be difficult. Below is a list of guides & reviews from EVE Uni members who have used these guides. Please note, however, that this is not an exhaustive list and reflects the views of the individual users, not the Uni as a whole. It must also be noted that EVE University is in no way affiliated with these guides & the views expressed below are from individual users.

Guides & walkthroughs

The Alpha's Guide to the Galaxy

The Alpha’s Guide to the Galaxy

Fits provided in this guide, while adequate for the first hours of play, are not adequate as you progress. Use other reference pages such as Fitting ships and consult with experienced players for more information.

The guide is intended to take a new player from the end of the tutorial through their first week of play, and help them go from following along blindly with listed steps to setting their own goals and, well, getting comfortable playing EVE.

This guide isn’t comprehensive. There are many other excellent resources out there that provide broader knowledge about EVE Online, and parts of this guide may link to them as well. However, this guide in particular aims to address the specific needs of alpha clone capsuleers.

You can also browse the final section of this guide (Reference Material) for individual tips and information that didn’t fit into the “walkthrough” portion of the guide.

EVE overviews

EVE overviews Google Sheet

It lists all proper overview packs and attempts to rank them objectively. A good overview can greatly help you orient on grid and achieve what you need. A bad overview on the other hand can get you killed.

Fortunately, there are overview packs that can help you get good overview setups without having to deal with overcomplicated overview settings and hoping you set it up right so you don't confuse your corpmate with an NPC pirate.

Not all overview packs are made equal - which to use will greatly depend on your play style and preferences. Try them all and find the one you like.

Finds common and not so-common traits among all good overviews, to find the best overview pack for the average player. Tries to be as open, impartial, scientific, and objective as possible.

Available in-game in the "EVE Overviews" channel.

Novice Frigates Yearbook 2023

Novice Frigate Yearbookreddit post

An in-depth review of frigate solo PvP meta in Factional Warfare that was published from 2015 to 2023. It covers roles, fits, strategies, and stats for all non-unique 28 combat frigates that can enter novice complexes in FW.

A Comprehensive Eve Online Guide

A Comprehensive Eve Online Guide

This guide holds strong, albeit widely accepted, opinions. Discretion is advised and it should not be used as a rulebook on how EVE should be played

"Terminology, abbreviations, politics, Jita local, different modules, industry, what you can do, what you should do, and what you can't do". This guide by Vladimir Memento is meant to provide new and returning players with one guide to get the basic information to do the activities they want to try and help motivate them to learn more.

Wiki Circa Kismeteer's Guide aka

Wiki Circa Kismeteer's Guide

This guide may have tips and advice that are corporation specific. Discretion is advised.

This guide created by Kismeteer was designed to give an opinionated wiki for EVE Online for new players and vets, in a modern web format. Focuses more on words rather than videos, not 100 page word docs that are hard to paste to discord. Talk to the EVE Online Discord in the #new-player-questions channel for more details.

Why would I pay real money for a guide

As with most mainstream games, players want to maximize their potential, be it through making in game currency to improving performance and EVE is no exception. People will often turn to guides as a way of learning these techniques to get further faster. As a result of this, the creation of guides both free and paid are plentiful. Deciding whether to purchase a guide can be tricky as there are often outdated guides still for sale and weeding out these can be difficult, so without further ado here are the reviews:

However, do bear in mind that many corporations, official resources such as the EVE Discord or EVE Forums and plenty of other online avenues will freely provide expert advice on almost every aspect of EVE, especially aspects that a new player would want to ask about. Therefore, purchasing a guide is generally not necessary in the vast majority of circumstances, and the purchased guide may offer no better advice than advice from other players provided at no charge.

ISK the guide

ISK the guide

This guide is extremely outdated in UI and graphics icons, and may contain wildly inaccurate information about ships and other data. It is advised to find a more recent guide.

This is the official eve online guide. The guide is available online for free but Is also available to purchase as a hard copy version. The guide looks great first of all and is huge with helpful information. The thing about this guide is that it is a very useful reference guide and gives some good tips. Overall a good guide with great references and tools. However there is nothing in this guide that you couldn't find on the EVE University or official EVE online wiki.

EVE PRO Guides

EVE Pro Guides

This guide may be outdated in tactics, ship choices and specific fits. Additionally, consider that many corporations, players and other online avenues such as the official EVE Discord or Forums will provide advice on PVP and many other aspects of EVE at no charge.

This guide is made by a pro PvP-er who has some absolutely incredible tricks and tips. He has instructional PvP videos that are the fastest way to get good at PvP. The videos are brief and to the point. The price is cheap, this guide is probably worth a lot more and the creator actively responds to questions and requests. It isn't too easy to find bad things about this guide but things that could be improved upon is the amount of content, whilst what is available is useful and to the point, there isn’t a lot of it. Overall the strategies in this guide are very useful and is highly rated.

Torpedo Delivery

Torpedo Delivery: The Stealth Bomber Handbook For Enterprising Pilots

Written by Chance Ravine of WiNGSPAN Delivery Services (DOTLAN), this is a comprehensive guide on piloting a stealth bomber. The guide serves to both teach the in-game and real-life skills necessary to succeed as a bomber pilot while also inspiring pilots to learn a difficult role and pursue a career as a bomber. Torpedo Delivery holistically explains the entire bomber ecosystem using easy-to-understand charts, quick reference sheets, checklists, and rules. For the aspiring bomber, it also provides benchmarks to track your growth as a pilot and tips on making bombing a career.


Most of these guides have free content to try out so if you are interested in purchasing a guide it would be advisable to try looking at that and deciding for yourself.

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