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To help with event planning, here is a quick converter between time-zones.

Note that as various places switch to/from daylight savings time, these may be an hour or two off, worst-case. It is good practice to give times and dates for all events first in EVE Time, with converted local times included afterwards if at all. Individual players are best-placed to convert EVE Time to their local timezone while accounting for local timekeeping quirks.

Timezone conversion (weekend)
Australia East UK EVE US Pacific
Fri 6pm Fri 8am Fri 8:00 Thu midnight
Fri 10pm Fri noon Fri 12:00 Fri 4am
Sat 2am Fri 4pm Fri 16:00 Fri 8am
Sat 6am Fri 8pm Fri 20:00 Fri midday
Sat 10am Fri midnight Sat 0:00 Fri 4pm
Sat 2pm Sat 4am Sat 4:00 Fri 8pm
Sat 6pm Sat 8am Sat 8:00 Fri midnight
Sat 10pm Sat noon Sat 12:00 Sat 4am
Sun 2am Sat 4pm Sat 16:00 Sat 8am
Sun 6am Sat 8pm Sat 20:00 Sat midday
Sun 10am Sat midnight Sun 0:00 Sat 4pm
Sun 2pm Sun 4am Sun 4:00 Sat 8pm
Sun 6pm Sat 8am Sun 8:00 Sat midnight
Sun 10pm Sun noon Sun 12:00 Sun 4am
Mon 2am Sun 4pm Sun 16:00 Sun 8am
Mon 6am Sun 8pm Sun 20:00 Sun midday
Mon 10am Sun midnight Mon 0:00 Sun 4pm
Mon 2pm Mon 4am Mon 4:00 Sun 8pm
Mon 6pm Mon 8am Mon 8:00 Sun midnight


  • 'plus' is ahead, 'minus' is behind
  • 'midnight' is counted as part of the previous day
  • does not include daylight savings time

Other timezones
Location GMT nearby timezone
New Zealand GMT +12 Australia East +2
Japan GMT +9 Australia East -1
Australia West GMT +8 Australia East -2
Moscow GMT +3 EVE +3
US East GMT -4 US Pacific +3
Central Europe (CET) GMT +1 EVE +1
Central European Summertime (CEST) GMT +2 EVE +2
Hawaiian Standard Time GMT -10 EVE -10

Online tools

You can also use various online tools to get an overview of how your own (and others') local time maps to EVE Time: e.g. The Personal World Clock or EVE Online Time Converter.

See EVE Server Time page for how to add a second time zone clock for Eve Server Time (UTC) on Windows.