A Storm Brewing (1 of 6)

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Gallente COSMOS mission
Agent: Preaux Gallot
Agent location: Natural Seminary (Audaerne)
Standings required: 1.00 Gallente Federation
Parts: (1 of 6), (2 of 6), (3 of 6), (4 of 6), (5 of 6), (6 of 6)

ObjectiveBring 1x FON Strike Scene Evidence (0.1 m3)
Rewards314,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
First of all, do you have something for me...? If you know what I'm talking about, then hand it over, please. If you don't, then I'm sorry, but I don't have anything for you.

This mission is direct continuation from Pandon Ardillan's last mission. The FON Strike Scene Evidence is received from Pandon's last mission.