A Storm Brewing (6 of 6)

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Gallente COSMOS mission
Agent: Preaux Gallot
Agent location: Natural Seminary (Audaerne)
Standings required: 1.00 Gallente Federation
Parts: (1 of 6), (2 of 6), (3 of 6), (4 of 6), (5 of 6), (6 of 6)

ObjectiveDeliver 1x Suho Tatanal's Investigation Dossier (1.0 m3)
Rewards0.055 Gallente Federation Faction Standing + Preaux's Letter + 38,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
For you, my friend, there's always something.

Suho has made a lot of headway in his investigation, and the results are disturbing as all hell. What I'm about to tell you is for your ears only. I want to make that absolutely clear.

It appears the attacks we've been hearing about against Wiyrkomi assets are not being staged by Wiyrkomi themselves, as we originally suspected. The most recent threads of Suho's investigation are, in fact, pointing squarely toward members of our own organization. I regret to say this, but it appears we have a vigilante rogue in our midst, someone who obviously has no conception of the harm he could be doing to our cause.

Furthermore, there's compelling evidence to the effect that this party, whoever he or she is, have been in contact with the Serpentis smugglers operating in this area, conspiring to strike against Wiyrkomi assets, murdering people in order to further our cause. Makes me feel dirty just thinking about it.

This weed in our garden needs to be rooted out, but first we need to learn its identity. The information is being held by Suho at his office in Parchanier. Needless to say, it's far too sensitive to be sent over normal channels, so I need someone I can trust to head out there and bring it back to me. That means you. We need to straighten this situation out, post-haste.

And remember, not a peep about this to anyone.

The agent sends you to pick up investigation dossier. Four jumps for pick up and delivery. The reward "Preaux's Letter" is require in Ystvia Lamuette's mission.