Akira Helkelen

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Akira Helkelen is a level 3 agent in Caldari COSMOS located in Otomainen - Rush Town Ruins.

A Mad Scientist‘s Dream – Payment (1 of 5)

Mission briefing
Good of you to stop by, ―name‖! And you couldn't have chosen a better time to show up ― I've got some things that need to be taken care of, and you seem like the perfect pilot for the job.

It has been my goal for the past two decades to terraform this beautiful planet, Otomainen V, which we locals call Oshuron. Its temperature is extremely hostile to human life at present, but I believe its position in the solar system and its abundant supply of frozen H20 and CO2 makes it perfect for terraforming. I've even come to the conclusion that scientists residing in this once prosperous community here, in Rush Town, had plans to start the terraforming themselves, but never got around to it before the exodus. To start the process, I need to acquire a form of extremely simple microorganism that has the ability to survive the terrible conditions on the icy planet. I've located a number of hot springs far beneath the surface that are ideal for harvesting microorganisms, and I believe they will eventually cause a chain reaction on the planet that will lead to a thickening of the atmosphere and thence to global warming. Now, I´m sure you´re thinking, "Where do I fit into your marvelous scheme?" Well, all I need you to do is bring this stack of sealed containers, filled with old goods I scavenged from the ruins in the area, to an acquaintance of mine at Helkelen's Blackbird in Otomainen. Once that task is complete, I will receive a passcard to a stash of viral agents that have been genetically modified to withstand extreme temperatures, which is exactly what I need to start the terraformation process. But enough of that. Finish your first task and then I will tell you what to do next. Just don't lose the passcard!! Oh, and if you‘re on time, I might even give you some ISK for your troubles.

Transport 10 Large Sealed Cargo Container (1000.0 m3) to given destination.

A Mad Scientists Dream – Simple Microorganisms (2 of 5)

Mission briefing
Alright, now that we have the passcard, it's time to get the goods. The viral agents that I need are located in a small secluded area near our moon, guarded by Mordu's ships. The Legionnaires were hired by Tsuna Qayse, an obnoxiously wealthy Caldari State citizen who happens to be a major shareholder in the Nugoeihuvi Corporation. She hired the mercenaries to protect her assets, which include the viral agents you are to retrieve for me. My source within the Mordu's Legion ― the same person who provided us with the passcard ― tells me Qayse intends to sell the viral agents on the black market. Unfortunately I don't have the kind of money she's asking for, but that's where you come in.

I want you to fly to her compound in Otomainen and retrieve the stash. You might encounter some resistance from Mordu's guards within the complex, but just try avoiding any direct confrontation. The viral agents are located in a secure location within a high-tech science laboratory in the first area of the complex. The passcard will get you through the acceleration gate. When you find the science labs, destroy them and retrieve the viral agents. They won't be harmed in the explosion, as they are protected by a safety evacuation system, according to my source. Find the ejected container after the labs have been obliterated, and grab them. Bring them back to me immediately, and just ignore the Legionnaires who may attack you as you attempt to destroy the science labs. Sounds simple, doesn't it!? You'll be well rewarded for your efforts.

Provide 400 Potent Viral Agent (200.0 m3) from the first stage of the Tsuna's Private Compounds deadspace complex in the Otomainen system to agent.

A Mad Scientists Dream – Transportation (3 of 5)

Mission briefing
Wonderful! However, now that I have the viral agents, I need a way to transport them down to the planet's surface. I'd like a small ship, one that´s easy to fly and can maneuver handily in the harsh atmosphere of the planet. A shuttle will do nicely. I only know how to fly the Caldari one, so you'll have to bring me that specific type.

Don't tarry, my life's work depends on this!

Provide 1 Caldari Shuttle (500.0 m3) to agent.

A Mad Scientists Dream – The Drill (4 of 5)

Mission briefing
Alright, now that I have the shuttle, there's just one more thing I need before I can get started. To infest the hot springs with these microorganisms, I will need to get to them through an enormous ice sheet. The only way to do that is to have an extremely powerful drill. And I know just the place to acquire one. Well, actually, four.

Jorek Lephny is an old mining tycoon who has been operating in the asteroid belts and moon orbiting Otomainen V for quite some time. The old coot has a mining outpost equipped with a hoard of high-tech drilling equipment, among other things. These drills should do the trick for me, but I need at least four of them in case of breakage or malfunction, which is quite likely due to the scope of the task at hand. The only problem is this: Lephny is extremely paranoid, and we had a falling out of sorts a few years back when I, er, borrowed some of his minerals to construct my lab equipment. He has also had to deal with many pirate attacks through the years and, as a consequence, recently hired a seasoned mercenary veteran from the Mordu's Legion to protect his assets. This mercenary operates a battleship, and he might pose some problems for you if Lephny refuses to hand over the drilling parts willingly. You will find Lephny's mining outpost in a small asteroid belt near here. There is an acceleration gate close by, inside Rush Town, which will send you to it. Once there, use any means necessary to get those drilling parts! They are located inside the mining outpost itself. Good luck.

Provide 4 Drill Parts (400.0 m3) from the Rush Town Ruins deadspace complex in the Otomainen system to agent.

A Mad Scientists Dream – Last Hindrance (5 of 5)

Mission briefing
I am now on the verge of starting my project, but there is one last hindrance to be eliminated. There is a suspicious-looking craft hovering by a lone rock formation near here. I've tried hailing it, but I get no response. The ship is registered to Ratei Jezzor, whom I have never seen before in these parts. I'm convinced he is an agent working for Caldari Customs, here to spy on us.

I'd like you to take care of him for me, ―name‖. This task will be the last one I give you, I am sure, before I'm on my way into the great annals of history. Just make certain he doesn't bother me when I make my descent to the planet. My life's work depends upon it! When you finish this final job, you will have done me a great service that I can probably never repay in full. But I hope you'll like my gift ― it's an ultra-rare mineral that I scavenged from one of the ruins here in Rush Town. I have no use for it, but you might. I hope you know what I meant when I said, ―Take care of him‖…

Provide 1 Ratei‘s Insignia (0.1 m3) from the entrance stage of the Rush Town Ruins deadspace complex in the Otomainen system to agent. Completing this mission awards 1 x Neophite, required by Goru Nikainen.