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Ryoke Aura is a level 3 agent in Caldari COSMOS located in Otitoh - The Diamond Ace Den.

Wrongfully Accused - Prove Your Worth (1 of 4)

Mission briefing
I'm in kind of a tight spot at the moment, but I can't reveal anything to you until I'm certain of your intentions. To prove yourself to me, bring me a piece of the extremely valuable mineral, neophite. You'll get it back when I'm done with you, but I really need to have something that will keep you from double-crossing me before I can give you any of the details of my situation.

I hear Akira Helkelen has a little neophite in stock; you might want to pay him a visit at the Rush Town Ruins if you don't have any neophite yourself.

Provide 1 x Neophite from Akira Helkelen.

Wrongfully Accused - Who Shot the Sheriff (2 of 4)

Mission briefing
Now that I have your attention, I'll tell you my story. I am a prominent salesman sent to Otitoh on a special assignment from Expert Distribution. Well… I was.

I was born and raised in New Caldari, and I wasn't prepared for the harsh life of this run-down system. My first few months here were quite difficult, and I often thought about abandoning my work here and running back to my family.

In my depressed and lonely state, I needed a companion: someone to ease the tension of everyday life here. My wife refused to leave our home in New Caldari, so I had no one. So, I was completely helpless when I stumbled upon a beautiful young woman who seemed to be caught up in the same situation that I was. There was no one around who gave a damn.

I found her in a bar in the Lai Dai station in Otitoh. She actually started the conversation— considering how I was brought up, I'm not used to a woman taking the initiative in such matters. Anyway, next thing I knew, I was waking up the next morning in her bedroom with a terrible hangover. Before I had time to fully clothe myself, I discovered my mistake: the door to the apartment opened and a short, gnarled old man came in. As soon as I saw him, I knew I was in trouble.

That man was Eteri Tazaki, an officer of the Lai Dai Protection Services. He was furious, but— fortunately for me—unarmed. He chased me out of the apartment, calling for the guards. I managed to escape into a nearby alley, and, with my heart about to explode, I ran as fast as I could to the hangar bay.

I've been running ever since. The fact is, every law enforcement officer in this system seems to be corrupt, and by the virtue of his position alone, Tazaki has managed to convince the authorities that I raped his wife. I'm now a wanted man, hunted by those I once trusted with my life. I'm still trying to come to terms with what has happened, but it's hard. I just hope my family doesn't hear about this until I have time to explain everything in person.

What I need from you, ―name‖, is help to escape this constellation. I can't risk trying to make the jump out of here without adequate preparation; if I'm caught, I could end up in prison for the rest of my life. That's something I want to avoid at all costs, especially in these parts.

Your first task will be a difficult one. The sheriff of Otitoh, Togany, has been snooping around the area looking for me. I think he must have been tipped off by one of the locals, because he's currently scouring the asteroid belts near here, where I usually run at the first sight of law enforcement officers. You must take him out— destroy his ship or whatever; just prevent him from finding me. I fear that if he's not taken care of soon, I will be caught. If he catches me, he'll call in back-up, and there'll be no stopping them. He's currently located near one of the moons of Otitoh VII. Bring me proof of his demise and you will be rewarded.

Provide 1 Sheriff Togany (1.0 m3) from Otitoh VII - Moon 5 to agent.

At warpin

Frigate 2 x Frigate Caldari Deputy
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Sheriff Togany

Wrongfully Accused - The Cloaking Device (3 of 4)

Mission briefing
Now that you've neutralized the sheriff, it's time to prepare my getaway ship. I will need a cloaking device to keep myself from being detected, just in case CONCORD or Customs have been notified about me. Being cloaked doesn't make my plan foolproof, but it will increase my chance of escape significantly.

You should be able to find a Prototype Cloaking Device on the market; I'd buy it myself if I wasn't trying to lie low. If you don't think you'll be able to get ahold of one, don't screw me around-- just don't bother taking this job.

Provide 1 x Prototype Cloaking Device I (100.0 m3) to agent.

Wrongfully Accused - Last Hindrance (4 of 4)

Mission briefing
I'm almost ready to set off for the outer regions, where I can hide until my lawyer clears my name, but there's one final obstacle. I was scanning the stargate to Ihakana from a great distance to avoid detection, when I noticed a few Caldari bandits led by Bai Tarziiki camping nearby. I remember seeing Bai's face in a news bulletin a while back; he's reputed to be a member of the Kazka Bandits, a notorious gang of outlaw mercenaries in these parts. They are also rumored to have close ties with the corrupt security forces in Otitoh, which Eteri is a part of.

I'm not sure what Bai is up to, but I have a sinking feeling that he was sent by Eteri to block my exit. He probably knows that Ihakana is the first place I would go to. Outlaws like Bai are experts at sniffing out people in hiding, so there's no doubt that he has an anti-cloaking device and multiple scanners on his ship. I can't afford to take this kind of chance: if they catch me I'll be tortured and killed.

Your last task is simple. Take out Bai, and bring me proof that he won't bother me anymore. His corpse will do.

Provide 1 x Bai's Corpse (1.0 m3) to agent.

Single Group (250km from warpin at Ihakana gate)

Frigate 4 x Frigate Caldari Bandit
Cruiser 3 x Cruiser Caldari Marauder
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Bai Tarziiki

As a reward for completing this mission, Ryoke returns the 1 x Neophite that you provided him in the first task.