Edge of Reason

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Caldari COSMOS mission
Agent: Yoko Pihrava
Agent location: Sentinel Rise (Friggi)
Standings required: none

ObjectiveTrade 4x Spare Parts (4 m3)
Mission briefing
Some bright light back at headquarters got the idea that SuVee was missing out on something good here in Okkelen. So they sent poor old me out here to map the riches. Yeah, right. If I ever find out who's responsible, I'll make him dance to the tune of my AK-107. This place is a real hellhole. All I've encountered is dust and danger. I've heard plenty of stories of fabulous riches, but that's it --- just stories. My superiors are getting restless, wanting more than hints and rumors from me, so I'm looking for prospective pilots to lend me a bit of a hand.

From what I've heard, the Guristas pirates have amassed an impressive amount of treasure and valuable information in the contested complex here in Friggi, but that stuff is pretty well defended, so you need some heavy armaments to have any chance of tackling that. A better bet is heading out of the Airmia system and enter the spy station the Guristas are operating in the contested complex there. If you have some basic hacking knowledge, I'm sure you can dig up something of value to me.

Just be very careful --- a big gun is a man's best friend around here so be prepared to face a few.

The agent trades isk and Sukuuvestaa Corporation corporation standing for some relics.

This mission is repeatable. There are no further rewards.