Eve Gate Pilgrimage

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The EVE Gate is probably the most famous lore relic in EVE, and is truly something special everyone should see at least once.

From EVE Travel:

‘According to popular lore, thousands of years ago, our ancestors came to New Eden through a massive wormhole. Colonies were established, and a massive jump gate was built around the wormhole to stabilize it. After a number of colonies were established, however, some form of calamity struck the gate, collapsing the wormhole and cutting off New Eden from contact with our home systems.’

It is 'tradition' to leave a small anchored can at the Eve Gate, as a sort of "I was here!" message. There used to be excellent displays of can art all around the gate. From EVE written in massive letters to giant bottles of beer.

Unfortunately, with the introduction of a script that removes from the game all cans that are not accessed for more than 30 days, this player art was lost and capsuleers now have to content themselves with more temporary monuments to their visit in the form of a solitary can often labelled with a humorous message.

If you wish to do this, you will need to BRING your own small secure container in your cargo hold and have trained at least Anchoring I prior to arrival at the EVE Gate (it’s a 25 minute train).

We will also be visiting the Sansha's Wormhole in Promised Land making a small detour to see the Black Obelisk in Dead End!


Duration: 2 Hours

Area: High-Sec > Low-Sec > High-Sec

Destination: New Eden via Dead End (for the Black Obelisk site)

Communication: You must be on Mumble at all times during the pilgrimage. If you are in fleet, you need to be on Mumble.


  • Read Fleets 101
  • This event is open to all unistas and no prior fleet experience is required.
  • If you are new to Uni fleets, there will be a brief Fleets 101 30 minutes prior to fleet leaving the form-up station.


  • Attend a Fleets 101 class
  • Only fly what you can afford to lose!
  • Fast frigates
  • Empty clone at an appropriate station


Please DO NOT bring anything that you cannot afford to lose. Shuttles and fast frigates are acceptable. If anyone elects to bring cruisers they do so at their own risk.


  • EVE University is often at war, and we will also be traveling through Low Sec, be prepared to get blown up.
  • Have your medical clone set to an appropriate station ahead of the journey and insure your ship!

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