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What are Kill rights

Kill rights are earned when another player carries out an illegal criminal act of aggression against you by activating an offensive module on your ship or pod. CONCORD takes a dim view of such actions and will flag the offending pilot with a criminal flag (a flashing red square with a skull in the middle) you as the targeted player will then earn the kill right on the aggressor.

Kill rights are only awarded when criminal aggression occurs in High Sec, or against your pod (only) in Low Sec. All other illegal aggression in Low Sec will flag the aggressor as a Suspect and thus not earn or award a kill right. All aggression is legal in Null Sec and in Worm Hole space (W-Space, or J-Space) and no actions there will earn or award a kill right. Keep in mind that if you are a legitimate (flashy) target to the aggressor in High Sec, or Low Sec, there is no consequence in aggressing you and therefore no kill right will be earned. Suspect flagging actions will not earn a kill right. This includes in high sec where your Mobile Tractor Units and Mobile Depots, etc., are attacked since that only causes the attacker to go Suspect.

Situations that make you legitimate (flashy) as a target are:

  • a. suspect flagged (15 minute timer)
  • b. criminally flagged (15 minute timer)
  • c. Limited engagement flagged (5 minute timer, counts down from the moment aggression ceases, resets if aggression resumes in that time)
  • d. war target
  • e. sec status at or below -5.0 (known as a permaflashy)

Your ship does not need to be destroyed nor you podded to earn such a Kill right. Any (criminal) offensive action on the part of the other pilot will grant the kill right.

Finding & making available your kill right

Open your character window in game and look at the list on the right hand side,third from the bottom is the kill right option;clicking on it will open a new window listing all kill rights you have simply click on the one you wish to activate and select the options you wish to take. Such as to whom you make it available to and if you will charge for the use of it or not.


Activating a kill right

If you are awarded such a kill right and have activated it the offending pilot will begin to flash with a suspect marker (the yellow flashy with the skull inside) remember if you fire on him you will be flagged with a limited engagement timer and he can fire back.

To activate a kill right on a capsuleer who has an outstanding kill right you first need to be on grid with them. They will be colortagged as such with, by default, a white reticle (crosshair) on an orange background. When you are on grid you need to select them. Once selected a crosshair icon will appear in the upper right hand corner. Be aware that kill rights will have an ISK amount to activate, from 0 or more. If the pilot in question is one whom you've earned a kill right against there is no cost to you to activate it, even if you made the kill right available to others to activate for any ISK amount.

Act killright.png

There is little point in activating a kill right on a pilot who has a -5.0 or worse security rating (a permaflashy) as they are already flagged as having a sec status below -5.0 and any pilot can engage them without consequence other than being entered into a limited engagement, although it might make you feel better if you have just lost your pride and joy all the same. Note that no one will pay or even bother to activate a kill right on a permaflashy as there is just no need to.

If the offending ship is destroyed or the pilot podded CONCORD will consider the kill right to be used and that will be remove the kill right. Note that sometimes a cache delay may show a pilot as having a kill right available on them even though it has been recently activated and satisfied. When you go to activate it you'll get a message stating that the kill right is no longer available.

Selling kill rights

If you own a kill right you can chose to sell the right to other pilots by making it available to other pilots. In order to do so you select the kill right you wish to sell from your Character Sheet / Kill Rights tab. On opening the kill right you will see three option buttons which allow you to select who you make the right available to: all pilots, your corp, or a specific named character, alliance or corporation other than your own. If you have offered a kill right for sale and it is accepted by another pilot the ISK will be transferred to the kill right owner immediately irrespective of whether a kill is made or not. It is also acceptable to make the kill right open without any cost implication however there is nothing to stop the offending pilot getting a friend or an alt to kill him in a starter frigate to clear the kill right.

The Kill Right "Scam". You will notice some pilots sitting at gates, or travelling on autopilot, or sitting outside stations with a kill right available on them and looking like unbelievable targets of opportunity. You'll more than often not find that the activation cost for these are extremely high (usually in the hundreds of millions, into the billions, though sometimes much less). They are often in ships that would be juicy on your killboard, or look easy to kill. What they have done is simply illegally aggressed an alt (or sometimes a trusted friend) using a Rookie Ship. The alt earns the kill right. The idea here is that someone will pay to activate the kill right and the alt earns the ISK for the pilot with the kill right available. They often have their ship insured and are in a position to easily evade your attack and get away (such as jumping the gate, or docking up), or they just don't care if they lose the ship. No matter what, the pilot with the kill right earns the ISK, and often you don't have a kill, and if you do, it's often against a hilariously cheap or even non-fit ship.

Be especially aware that if they are sitting on a station this may be part of a ruse to get you to activate the kill right and attack them. They'll dock-up and reship into something that will burn you down. They get your ISK and a kill against you. They operate very similar to others who sit as flashy suspects on stations.

Expiry of kill rights

If after 30 days the kill right is not activated or satisfied the kill right will expire. This is a set time and you cannot extend it by keeping the kill right and activating it on the 30th day expecting another 30 days. It's a use it or lose it time limit and once its gone the offending pilot is free from your wrath.

The University places restrictions on some engagements refer to Rules of Engagement

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