Mika Etsuya

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Mika Etsuya is an level 2 agent in Caldari COSMOS located in Vahunomi - Cactus Mill Lookout.

Protecting the Vault - Stirring the Nest (1 of 4)

Mission briefing
The bank manager at the local State and Region vault has heard some worrying rumors that some thugs are planning a run on his bank. He is in no position to investigate the matter himself, so he sent for the cavalry. The Caldari Navy, that is. I was sent here by the Navy to check out the validity of these rumors. I haven't dug up anything of interest yet, but just to be on the safe side I'd like to put some heat on the bandits roaming in the area. I've asked my buddy Jali Tanaka to help me out too, but he's busy setting up a surveillance system, so I don't want to take too much of his time.

The Kazka bandits over in Sakkikainen seem like likely candidates for this sort of an operation. I don't know for sure, but it doesn't hurt to stirt things a little. You seem like a hardy pilot more than capable of roughing them up a bit. How about you get in there all guns blazing and bring me back, say, 30 drifter spurs? That should shake them up, hopefully enough for one of them to spill his beans into the wrong ear.

Finally, be very careful. The Kazka bandits are rough. Make sure you only target their grunts, the others are too tough to be worth the hassle.

You have to bring 30 Drifter Spur to the agent. Those can be found in COSMOS sites.

Protecting the Vault - Bad Money (2 of 4)

Mission briefing
It seems you managed to stir up a hornet's nest over in Sakkikainen. The bandits there are in turmoil and intelligence has been picking up all kinds of interesting information lately. Alas, none of it has to do with the supposed bank robbery. But one transmission we intercepted was particularly interesting. It seems one of the gangs associated with the Kazka bandits has managed to forge some counterfeit credits. I don't have to tell you the effects it would have on the fragile economy in the constellation if these credits get into circulation. The gang in questioned is called Dry River.

We need to stop these guys before they go on a shopping spree. I need you to head back into Sakkikainen, find these counterfeiters and take them out. Pick up as much of the counterfeit credits as you can and get them back here to me. I will send them on to the Navy's crime labs for further analysis.

So gather up some friends and take care of business. Oh, and in case you were wondering, you'll be paid in real ISK for completing this mission.

Bring 500 x Bag of Counterfeit Credits to the agent. They can be found in Contested Kazka Headquarters.

Protecting the Vault - Counterfeit Courier (3 of 4)

Mission briefing
Ok, while you were out there collecting the counterfeit money, I was contacted by my superiors. It seems the Navy is taking this whole counterfeit operation very seriously. The Navy has sent out a team of investigators; they've set up shop in the State War Academy station in the Ishisomo system. They want me to send all counterfeit credits I get directly to them, no delay. The investigation team there is trying to determine the source of the forgery.

Anyway, while I can understand their concern, this whole thing is disrupting my own work in keeping the bank vault safe. So I want this dealt with promptly and with as little hassle as possible. I want you to take the bags of counterfeit credits you just procured and bring them to the investigation team immediately.

Transport the 500 x Bag of Counterfeit Credits a few jumps to a station.

Protecting the Vault - Dry Credit Death (4 of 4)

Mission briefing
This counterfeit business is really getting on my nerves. Yet again I've been contacted by headquarters; they want me to bring this matter to an end. That means I can't do my job securing the bank vault properly, but they're not cutting me any slack. If the bank is actually robbed, all the blame will fall on me. Oh, well. At least I can make sure this counterfeit business has a happy ending.

The investigation team in Ishisomo got a breakthrough in their analysis. They've tracked the source of the forged credits to the Airmia system. The Dry River gang owns a warehouse there that was once part of a Lai Dai mining facility that's been overrun by bandits. The printing machines used in creating the counterfeit credits are located there.

I want you to take some stout fellows over to Airmia and blow that warehouse to bits. The warehouse is undoubtely guarded by some Dry River thugs, you'll have to deal with them first. Bring me back what parts of the printing machines you can find in the ruins of the warehouse once you've blown it up. I will send those to my superiors. Hopefully that will get them off my back and let me get on with my real assignment here. You're getting a nice reward for this one, so make sure you do it properly.

Bring 5 x Parts of Printing Machine to the agent. 5 x Parts of Printing Machine can be found in the Contested Caldari Lai Dai Refinery (Contested Plagioclase field in the Dry River Warehouse).