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NSC Instant Reshipping

The NSC provides several ship fits for corporation members via contracts at NSC home station in PC9-AY. View the in-game corporation fittings tool or the NSC PvP for Alpha Clones/NSC PvP for Omega Clones pages for the exact ship details and check this forum post for information on which fits are currently being serviced.

Instructions for campus members

Use the contract search in game to search the available contracts with the availability option set to "My Corporation". You can search within the contracts using a ship name to narrow down the contract you are looking for. All the contracts will deliver to the NSC home station.

Instructions for contract officers

The corporation fittings in-game have a number of fits that start with "NSC". These are our official campus fits. They can also be viewed on the Nullsec Campus Fits page.

You are responsible for ensuring that a reasonable supply of your allocated fits are kept stocked on corporate contracts. You must stock exactly the fit -- no modification or customization is permitted.

  • The price of each ship is determined by a spreadsheet that automatically updates daily, and it's set to Jita price + 10% (both to accommodate market fluctuations and compensate you for your time). This is the price you must list each contract at. You don't need to update contracts when the price changes.
  • When someone accepts the corporate contract, you receive the contract price, which will be enough to purchase another ship and also award you a small bonus.
  • You can use the campus transport service to bring modules and ships down, but you're not required to. A donation to defray costs is suggested (but not required) if you do use the service.
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