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NSC Instant Reshipping

NSC provides several ship fits for corporation members via contracts at NSC home station in PC9-AY. Some key fits are provided by a campus officer under the Fitted Ship Supply Program and everything else is provided by contractors at the NSC under the NSC Instant Reshipping Program. View the NSC Instant Reshipping pseudo-doctrine on Fleet-Up for the exact ship details and check this forum post for information on which fits are currently being serviced.

Outside the official NSC programs, sometimes campus members run private programs to supply other fits, such as for small-gang PVP or specific PVE needs. Check contracts to see what's available.

Instructions for campus members

Use the contract search in game to search the available contracts with the availability option set to "My Corporation". You can search within the contracts using a ship name to narrow down the contract you are looking for. All the contracts will deliver to the NSC home station.

You can see a quick overview of what fits are currently contracted via Glen and Adrien's great NSC Reshipping Dashboard.

Instructions for contractors

Official campus fits supplied by our reshipping programs are maintained at NSC Instant Reshipping pseudo-doctrine on Fleet-Up. The corporation fittings in-game have a number of fits that start with "NSC". They can also be viewed on the Nullsec Campus Fits page. Please bear in mind that the latter two repositories need to be updated manually, so if a fit is modified on Fleet-Up they may not be up to date. As detailed below, contractors must supply exactly the current fit so should always refer to Fleet-Up.

You are responsible for ensuring that a reasonable supply of your allocated fits are kept stocked on corporate contracts. You must stock exactly the fit -- Rigs must be fitted. Each modules must be fitted in the correct slot numbers. Charges and, in the case of some fits, alternative modules must be in the cargo hold. In short, no modification or customization is permitted.

  • The price you list each fit at must be no more than its Jita sell price + 15% (both to accommodate market fluctuations and to compensate you for your time). Contractors are encouraged to list fits for at least Jita sell price + 10%. You don't need to update contracts when the price changes.
  • Contractors are to ensure that their contracts are titled correctly, as per the forum post above, to ensure that the dashboard will correctly monitor the contracts. For example, all T1 Ferox fits will be listed as NSC - Ferox T1
  • The Campus blueprint library has BPOs for you to copy for all of the T1 hulls covered by this program.
  • You can use the campus transport service to bring down what you need: modules, compressed ore, even packaged ships. Being able to freight in ships is particularly handy when you start out contracting a fit and want to get your first batch out quickly, or if you are supplying T2 hulls but aren't into T2-industry. If you have alternate means of freight that's fine too. A donation to defray costs is suggested (but not required) if you do use the service.
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