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What is it?

Icon container large.png Our campus sponsors periodic Jump Freighter runs for anyone moving things from Jita to PC9-AY or vice versa, along with a few other systems near PC9-AY. This is the recommended method for Unistas to move assets safely into Syndicate. Typically there will be a Jump Freighter move once a week, but campus members should expect to wait anywhere between 3 and 10 days. This is largely because to move the Jump Freighter costs fuel and therefore it is a wasted expensive unless we are moving a full Freighter each time.

The service is free and funded by NSC's PvP activities, PvE activities, moon harvesting and donations. While players are free to use this service to also move industrial materials to PC9-AY, we ask that players offer a donation to the campus when moving large amounts of minerals or anything else bulky.

Routes and Schedule

PC9-AY, ZN0-SR and T22-QI are systems belonging to the NSC Syndicate backpocket.
PC9-AY - To and From Supported Stations
Jita 4-4 Jita - Runs every few days (Generally as often as we have a full load)
NullSec Campus ZN0-SR - Runs once per week (or as often as a full load is ready)
NullSec Campus T22-QI - Runs once per week (or as often as a full load is ready)
Solitude Boystin - Runs once per week (or as often as a full load is ready)
Jita 4-4 Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
NullSec Campus PC9-AY III - Intaki Commerce Trading Post
NullSec Campus ZN0-SR VI - Moon 4 - Intaki Space Police Assembly Plant
NullSec Campus T22-QI VI - Moon 9 - Intaki Space Police Testing Facilities
Solitude Boystin - Gravity Well

Looking for other routes? Like Slays >> PC9-AY or Stacmon >> PC9-AY? Or coming from another Campus? Check out Pehuen's service here

How to make Contract

Here's how you use the service.

  • Pickup station must be one on the list of supported stations listed above.
  • Create Contract
  • Contract Type: Courier
  • Availability: Private
  • Name: Nullsec Campus

Nsc jf1.png

  • Select the items you which to move.
  • Your contract cannot have any assembled containers, modules, or ships. Right-click everything, select "repackage". If it's not repackaged you can't send it through this service.
  • The size of your contract must be no greater than 100,000 m^3. Multiple contracts of that size or smaller is allowed though.

Nsc jf2.png

  • Destination station must be one on the list of supported stations listed above. NOTE: PC9 is the hub of our service, every contract must include it as either a destination or pickup. (ie. no contracts from ZN0-SR to Jita)
  • Make the reward zero, since the campus will be paying.
  • Make the collateral zero. (You assume the risk if your stuff blows up or is stolen!)
  • Set expiration to 4 Weeks (maximum).
  • Set days to complete to 365 days (maximum).
  • The description of your contract must be "NSC Sponsored Delivery".
  • If your contract is coming from your alt instead of your uni character you must add your uni character name in parenthesis after "NSC Sponsored Delivery" Example: Dune's alt makes a contract, the description will be: "NSC Sponsored Delivery (Dune Barphsaq)"

Nsc jf3.png

  • If your contract looks like this, click Finish. Your assets will be delivered as soon as is practical.

Nsc jf4.png

If you have questions about this service, please post in the discussion thread

See also

The LSC/HSC have their own Shipping service, here: https://forum.eveuniversity.org/viewtopic.php?f=214&t=107101

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